Russell Moore is a good man

He is a Baptist despised and rejected of Baptists, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief who dared to tell a right wing American Christianity whored out to Donald Trump the simple truth that “The Religious Right are the people the Religious Right warned you about twenty years ago” and for his troubles was punished by the evil antichrist MAGA cult–a cult that has cancerous tendrils in every expression of American Christianity, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox, that has chosen MAGA lies over Jesus Christ.

He writes in Christianity Today:

“As with the insurrection (and virtually every authoritarian movement in history), an apocalyptic moment is an emergency requiring emergency measures. Thus we get the cognitive dissonance of people who support law and order (sometimes by quoting Romans 13) beating police officers and breaking through windows in order to shut down Congress’s constitutional duty to count electoral votes. These are the people who can ridicule the very words of Jesus Christ about turning the other cheek as naïve and weak.

This kind of emergency, we’re told, can’t worry about constitutional norms or about Christian character. The reasoning goes that the Sermon on the Mount isn’t a suicide pact and the way of Jesus only works with enemies more reasonable than these, like, I suppose, the Roman empire that crucified the one who gave us such teaching.

Such is the sign not of a post-Christian culture but of a post-Christian Christianity, not of a secularizing society but of a paganizing church.

It would be one thing if this were just a matter of the crowd attacking the Capitol that day. It’s quite another when people—including people with highlights in their Bibles and prayer requests on their refrigerators—wave the attack away as a mere protest from which we should “move on.” This represents more than a threat to American democracy—though that would be bad enough—but a threat to the witness of the church.”

You’re damn right it does. Deliver your Church, Father, from the People of the Lie, seduced by the Father of Lies, who seek to make it servant of power hunger of men and not of You. And bless your good servant Russell Moore as he continues his prophetic work. We ask this through Christ Crucified and Risen.


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