Seven Signs the Leaven of Herod has Taken Root in Your Life

This is written by and for Evangelicals and so lacks a Catholic perspective that would put particular emphasis on the sacraments and, most especially, the Eucharist. But it still has a healthy perspective that MAGA Catholics could profit from if the were not filled with pride about being the Greatest Christians of All Time. The seven sign of spiritual Herodian disease are:

1. You believe a political leader is the key to restoring your nation

2. You believe your political party represents the Kingdom of God

3. You’re more committed to political change than practicing and promoting the spiritual disciplines

4. Your primary focus is on external change more than the proclamation of the Gospel

5. You give more financially to political causes than to the Church and the advancement of the Gospel

6. You get more excited about attending political rallies than assembling with your local Church

7. You use the Bible more as a political handbook to promote specific policies than as a tool for self-transformation

I would add an eighth: the ungovernable need to lie “Both Sides are Same” in order to deny that the MAGA cult is the overwhelmingly clear and present danger both to the US and to the Church since the only interest those of us who care about the gospel have in the Dems is in returning us to a civil order in which we don’t have to get up in the morning and ask “What in God’s name are they doing now?” as we had to do with shame and embarrassment every day of the Trump regime as he and, above all, his antichrist supporters caused unbelievers to look with horror at the spectacle of a church utterly whored out to a Crime Boss.


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