It Being St. Patrick’s Day and All

I thought this peculiar mashup of St. Patrick’s Breastplate and Game of Thrones people would be an unusual way to honor the day.

The odd thing about all the swordplay is that Patrick’s conversion of the Irish is the only missionary campaign Catholics undertook in antiquity that involved no martyrdoms. The Irish just took to the gospel like ducks to water and that was that. They would, of course, later become martyrs as the Norsemen discovered a taste for their stuff and came to kill, pillage, and make force genetic donation that would give the Irish their red hair. But neither Christian nor pagan in Ireland thought to kill each other in Patrick’s day.

By the way, Patrick invented the Pascal Fire for the Easter Vigil. He lit it on the Hill of Slane it could easily be seen from Tara, where the High King had his throne (I’ve been there). This irked the Druids, who forbade fire on that night (as Patrick knew it would). They arrested him and a hauled him to Tara, whereupon he took advantage of the occasion to preach the gospel to the king, resulting in his conversion.

Clever lad, Patrick.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!


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  1. It’s puzzling why religion became such a murderously important issue to Ireland in the 20th century. It certainly wasn’t because of politics, because 5th century Ireland had politics, too.

    – joel

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