Dr. Brett Salkeld and Evangelical Inquirers Work out the Eucharist Together

This is a pretty sweet video that both fills me with nostalgia and gives me hope:

Time was when I was an Evangelical non-denom type grappling with issues like the Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Hint: I resolved those issues and came to accept the view shared by all apostolic churches–that it is the body, soul, spirit and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of bread and wine–as you can read about right here:

I miss those days of relative simplicity. Now the challenge is much bigger, not working out what the apostolic Churches teach, but getting the people who claim to believe it to act like they do and not give scandal by prostituting themselves of a right wing ideology at war with the pope and dedicated to a scandalous sociopathic selfishness that observes impeccable aesthetics in Latin and lace while not giving a damn about the poor, brown, weak, or vulnerable at the border or in the middle of a Pandemic.

It’s not enough to believe Christ is Really Present in the Eucharist if we don’t live like we believe it.


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