The Gun Cult is Now the Biggest Killer of Children Ages 1 to 19

If your response to this is either “DON’T BLAME ME! DON’T TOUCH MY GUN!” or “BUT ABORTION!” then never ever lie to me again that you are “prolife”:

The one and only response somebody who actually cares about human life gives to this is, “Dear God! What can we do to stop this idiotic slaughter?” That’s it. That is the authentically pro-life response. It is centered on victims and how to prevent more innocents from being wounded or killed. That’s how Normal people respond to the death of children: by trying to save their lives.

The way the sociopathic narcissist in the MAGA Gun Cult responds is by making it all about their precious, precious selves and their fetish. So they say, “Don’t blame me” because their first thought is not about victims but about themselves. Then, instead of thinking, “What can we do to save the lives of these children?” their first, last, and only thought is “How can I protect my sacred, holy, precious, precious gun?”

And to cope with the guilt that comes with such monumental, callous, sociopathic narcissism, they then brandish the unborn as human shields, pit them against the slaughtered dead their gun cult fights to harvest to the tune of 40,000 souls a year, and pretend that if they rub their Precious Feet talisman and accuse those trying to stop the slaughter of being babykilling fiends, they can distract Normals from the pathologically selfish shell game they have played for decades.

Well, it doesn’t work anymore and it has not worked for years. Those of us with a Consistent Life Ethic see you and we see the slaughter with which you are complicit. The unborn are not the opposites of the children your evil Cult of Death fights to murder. They are connected. If you are actually prolife, you defend human life from conception to natural death and if anything threatens it, including your sociopathic narcissism and your gun fetish, you repent it or, sooner or later, you face God himself.


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  1. Keep this issue in the forefront. Thanks Mark. But there is one organisation representing a group that traffics in guns and is untouchable

  2. We also have to be honest here; this is not about the right to own guns.

    Because we could allow people to have firearms while at the same time, place significant restrictions on where and when they can use them. For example, only allow them:
    – Within your own property
    – At a gun range
    – Unloaded and concealed, for transportation purposes
    – Within designated hunting grounds during hunting season
    – For self-defense purposes, because of the nature of your job, while you have that job.
    – For personal self-defense, after being subject to an extensive background check process that rules out a history of domestic abuse.

    And if you’re worried about government overreach, you could word these laws so that a random guy shooting at empty bottles in an open field doesn’t have to go through bureaucratic hoops or get constantly harassed by the police, while at the same time, limiting the ability of people to bring guns into designated residential and public accommodation areas.

    But like I said, this isn’t about my right to “own guns”.
    This is about my right to kill.
    And we’ve decided, that in this country, my right to kill supersedes your right to live.

    Maybe we should start framing it that way.

    1. >This is about my right to kill.

      Kill for what?. To kill for white power. We shall rule. If not by ballot, then by guns.

      Guns are all about white power. It’s the ultimate veto held by white power. That power structure shall not be demolished by democratic means. Any such attempt will be resisted with violence. That there exists a smattering of other pretenders on the 2A bandwagon does not alter the basis of this gun idolatry.

      We already went through this once. They killed Lincoln and stonewalled the needed changes then. We are still paying the price for that.

      Sam Rocha’s observation is similar, but more diplomatically presented than mine. (“The song remains the same” on this blog couple of days ago)

      I am convinced that the only way the attitude about guns would change is if Blacks and Hispanics in this country would buy guns at the same rate as whites, and open carry everywhere. That would not be an easy process, because it would make the underlying motive of racial power come out of the woodwork. The cops would harass minorities/shoot them and criminalize them into felonies, if minorities become gun nuts.

      But massive gun purchases by non-whites is the only path to getting rid of guns. If that seems ridiculous, see the history of Ronald Reagan/California gun control

    2. That’s pretty spot on. The thing we need to understand about the gun cult, particularly when it comes to assault rifles, is that they truly believe that the only way to remain a free country is not voting and rule of law, but by keeping our public officials in constant fear of being murdered by those they serve. They actually believe that they can and should achieve armed parity with the military and that if they were to lose their AR-15s, that they would be in concentration camps or gulags the day after tomorrow. I don’t think the gun industry executives are loopy enough to believe that, but they sure have no interest in disputing it either. It adds decimal places to their sales.

      The problem is that people in such a state of delusional fear combined with sociopathy are not open to reason or negotiation.

  3. A few other points, Mark. Some 70% or more of the country wants restrictions on guns, especially the assault weapons whose sole purpose is to kill other human beings, including many gun owners. There are already restrictions, even in red states. The states that allow hunting have restrictions on when, where, when and what weapons are allowed to be used. The words “a well-regulated militia” are completely ignored when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. A fact never mentioned is that many of the Founders never wanted a standing army, but realized that a regulated militia was needed by the US, hence the 2nd Amendment. When the US decided it needed a regular army, the 2nd Amendment should have been canned. Even in the 18th century, there were restrictions in towns regarding weapons. Ditto the Wild West that many of the “boys” with the guns think we should live in. And when Reagan was shot, there were no problems with limiting weapons that could be bought. But during the past 50 years, as the NRA saw its membership declining, and gun manufacturers had their income declining, they began glamorizing those shiny assault weapons that can kill dozens in seconds with little to no training. And as the death rates go up, we have a Congress where 47 Rep Senators refuse to even DEBATE gun control! It is beyond sickening when TFG begins dancing after reading the names of the children at the NRA convention!

  4. You say the pro-life lie about gun violence doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately it seems to be working better than ever.

    Not a thing will change as a result of this latest slaughter. It is considered a completely acceptable cost of maintaining the status quo.

    That would remain true if we had one on this scale every single day of every school year, at every single school in this country. Extreme Second Amendment ideology has the same status as Islam in Riyadh. It’s a complete non negotiable.

    Consistent life ethic people see through it, but you folks are maybe 3 percent of the movement.

  5. Nothing is going to change. Sandy Hook proved that. People will be sad. People will protest. People will make speeches. Talking heads will wring their hands and daub their eyes on TV. Then nothing will happen. The people who can really affect change are just putting on a show.

    If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

      1. Certainly we have to do everything we can. Demographic shift will help, but only on a very long time scale, 20 years or more. Basically things will not change on that basis until everyone Gen X and older is gone from the political scene if not this life.
        My other concern is that we’re rapidly coming to a point at which voting will have little or no effect.

        From day one of the Trump movement and certainly since Jan. 6, the Right in this country and essentially the entire Republican party has made it crystal clear that they’re not going to be denied what they see as their birthright power by election results. They view democracy and rule of law as just one of many potential avenues to power, and as utterly disposable if they fail to serve their ends. They have accumulated many tools to achieve and maintain power as a minority including the most active campaign of voter disenfranchisement since before the Civil Rights era. Red states have been changing their election officials and procedures so that they will refuse to certify any election result that doesn’t go their way.

        Most critically, we no longer have an independent judiciary at the Supreme Court level. Presidents have always shopped around for court nominees whose judicial philosophy might tend to break in their direction, but they were always took their independence seriously. Trump’s appointees are nothing of the sort. They are partisan worker bees who will always put their tribe first. The decision ending Roe was written in their heads if not on paper long before they even took the oath and before any case came to their courtrooms. They will likely invalidate any law that the gun lobby doesn’t like and could well effectively end voting rights and the 14th Amendment and help overturn any election their bosses don’t like.

        If and when any of these many tools fail to deliver, there is always the gun. The right considers domestic terrorism a valid tool as well. In the end, all of these factors could undo the younger generation’s openness to gun control. If gays, religious and ethnic minorities, women of reproductive age and anyone outside the MAGA cult find themselves in a country where they aren’t protected by the law or actively persecuted by it and surrounded by paramilitary thugs, they too may come to see the Second Amendment as their only salvation.

      2. If we’re talking about electoral politics, the time to do something is not just in November; its way before, during the primaries.

        There has been a civil war within the Democratic Party for some time, where Progressives (who are really just Normals who want to get things done) are constantly battling it out against the leadership-backed Joe Manchin types, who are perfectly content to keep the status quo.

        That’s one of the points made in this clip: Feckless Democratic Leadership Needs To Be Replaced.

        I have no illusions about the Democratic Party; they may not be as bad as the Republicans but that doesn’t make them good either. Unfortunately, they’re the only option we got, which is why I reiterate the importance of primaries.

      3. Agreed. Sinema and Manchin both need to go. But the only reason they have power to thwart the will of their Dem colleagues is because the GOP dominates half the Senate. Destroy that bloc with a solid Dem majority and their power to obstruct vanishes.

        But also, vote these selfish crooks out too.

  6. I find this jaw-dropping:

    But maybe because I’m used to the situation here in New Zealand where if one person is shot, it’s fairly big news.

    It is true that I left the United States only in 1973, when I was twenty-nine years old. Maybe I was just blind and deaf to the situation then – but I certainly don’t think I remember anything of this sort.

    1. It depends where you were in the U.S. in 1973. Chicago was extremely violent at the time. I think a lot of cities were on that trend after the upheaval of the 1960s. Things were bad through the 80s and 90s and declined pretty substantially by the start of the new century. They’ve trended much worse in the past few years and just off the charts since the pandemic.

  7. There is another element here.

    Today while I was folding laundry I could hear one of my kids reading this somewhat funny/disturbing narrative written by some internet guy concerning Harry Potter –if Harry had his invisibility cloak and firearms to right all of the Harry Potter world wrongs…

    Teenagers are impressionable. They grew up watching their parents watching things like Saving Private Ryan, and all kinds of “shoot ’em up” “war on drugs” series. They are observant.

    1. It is absolutely characteristic of your evil cult of lies that you should say this.

      You evil cult always uses the unborn as human shields for the slaughter you defend and support in your narcissistic and selfish gun fetish.

      The way you do it, among others, is to tell those with a consistent life ethic that we “support abortion” when, in fact, we simply attempt to oppose abortion by attacking demand rather than pursuing vindictive policies of punishment that do not reduce abortion rates but do increase maternal mortality rates.

      Because you don’t give a shit about the unborn except as human shields for your evil and selfish cult of death.

  8. One should be careful with statistics like this. Here is the CDC data on childhood death (1 to 19 years old) in 2020:

    1. Accidents (unintentional injuries) (V01-X59,Y85-Y86) 7,373
    2. Assault (homicide) (*U01-*U02,X85-Y09,Y87.1) 3,337
    3. Intentional self-harm (suicide) (*U03,X60-X84,Y87.0) 2,817
    4. Malignant neoplasms (C00-C97) 1,648
    5. Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities (Q00-Q99) 887
    6. Diseases of heart (I00-I09,I11,I13,I20-I51) 573
    7.Chronic lower respiratory diseases (J40-J47) 256
    8. Influenza and pneumonia (J09-J18) 253
    9. Cerebrovascular diseases (I60-I69) 206
    10. COVID-19 (U07.1) 186

    Now, obviously the gun death data is within the accidents, homicide and suicide categories and since those are the top 3 categories, it can also be true that guns are the #1 killer of children. (For clarity, while I don’t have the specifics for 2020, accident death has a number of major categories including cars, drownings, accidental shootings and others, for which is memory serves accidental shootings is in the 20-40% range, so ~2000 deaths)

    But my point is, when people read “guns are the biggest killer of children” their brains naturally go straight to Uvalde and Buffalo. It’s why this statistic is being shared now. Yet the truth of the matter, is that more gun deaths would be prevented by finding ways to ensure better gun safety in the home (i.e. accident prevention) and better suicide prevention care, than finding ways to prevent mass shootings (not that we can’t do both).

    If we really want to decrease gun deaths, we must take a holistic approach and not just focus on the shocking events that grab our attention. And to do that, we must look at accidents, suicide, gang violence, domestic violence as well as mass shootings. This will have the ancillary benefit of finding areas where consensus is easier to come by (increasing ownership age to 21, stricter home safety laws, stronger ownership responsibility laws (i.e. if someone uses your gun you bear a significant portion of the responsibility), stronger mental health support systems, etc.) that will have 2nd and 3rd order effects of reducing mass shootings.

  9. Because I’ve used the term gun-cult (and car-cult) for many years now, someone recently sent this by email link. As a Monk and a Messianic disciple, I’m not sure what to think of this, or if I’m expected to respond. At first I ignored it, but I’m revisiting it. Too many points here to touch upon; it is all very surface-level stuff; mere exhibitions of the Eschaton. So, I can only generalize, from my view under the Messianic Cross.

    I Love you (everyone); Love is only an extension of what was witnessed upon the Messianic Cross. My Master, Messiah Yeshua, looked upon His torturers & abusers, and said: Father forgive them, for they know not what they do! True Love can see beyond this temporal corporeal experiment. Spiritual enlightenment is the only wisdom. Everything else will be of the world, and/or riddled with ad hominem rebuttals, which I will of course, ignore.

    Messianic Love compels the Elect of YHVH to Love everyone, regardless: All Love-conquered individuals are pacifists (the only true bravery); we Love haters and murderers, even as they hate us. You can kill me, but I will Love you while you’re doing it. All Heaven-destined individuals, are pro-life and anti-gun; we do not comply with any human-directed laws or rules, constitutions or declarations. We follow only one law; the Law of Love. Only one doctrine; the Messianic Doctrine. Only one Master & King; Messiah Yeshua.

    1. Hmmm… Yes, love is, indeed, unconditional. I do wonder about things like “…this temporal corporeal experiment…” and “… we do not comply with any human-directed laws …”. Could sound a bit gnostic. Nevertheless, some good things in it.

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