What the Cult Actually Will Do

As we discussed yesterday, the people who are saying the MAGA cult means to now, at last, get to work on that world “for the children” they have fought every step of the way while pretending to “focus on abortion” are simply delusional.

Here’s what you will never see next January: A March for Life Against guns, or for a living wage, or for, heaven forfend, the brown lives most in danger of death, or for universal health care. The prolife movement has been brainwashed for forty years to say, “We have to focus on abortion. Nothing else matters.” What that always really meant was, “We have to focus on battling to maintain these evils while using the unborn as human shields.”

Now that Roe is gone, the cult is going to go on doing what it was designed to do: defend the evils their GOP masters want them to defend. So the energy will now go toward whatever the new policy priority of the GOP is.

Very likely (as the Court has already signaled) that will be Get the Gays. Clarence made that clear by specifying that Lawrence and Obergefell are in the crosshairs. So expect a lot of hysteria to be ginned up in that department. He also mention Griswold, so the morals police will also be eager to arrest people for buying and selling contraception on the same grounds that states can invade our privacy if they feel like, Curiously, he did not come out and declare the Loving, which permits his marriage to a white woman on exactly the same ground as these other decisions, is on the chopping block. But the truth is that it is, b y the logic of this Court.

And that is no accident. See Heather Cox Richardson’s very valuable analysis of the Big Picture. Roe was the low-hanging fruit in a much larger campaign for the Ghost of the Confederacy and the champions of lawless Mammon worship that is now the GOP whose ultimate goal is the destruction of the 14th amendment and the reassertion of “states rights” as John C. Calhoun meant it. The other goal is the overturning of federal power against corporate corruption, especially antitrust law. The unborn have never been what they cared about except as human shields for their real designs. That is why The Most Prolifeyest President in the History of Ever is (correctly) fearful that Roe‘s destruction will backfire on the GOP and why he wants to keep his distance from the “prolife” MAGA zealots who worship him. As he said to Michael Cohen about the conservative Christians praying over him in their misguided messianic fervor, “Can you believe that bullshit?” Never have Christians sold their souls so cheaply.

So while the MAGA leadership turn to the things they really care about–scapegoating gays, mammon, and raw nihilist power–MAGA antichrist religionists will lie to themselves via news about local changes in abortion rates that will be trumpeted as triumphs. New about the national rates holding steady as red state women go to blue states or use abortifacients procured online will be muted. News about rises in abortion rates (like the 8% rise under Trump, which reversed a 30-year downward trend that saw the sharpest declines under the hated Clinton and the lowest rates in history under the hated Obama/Biden) will be buried, and the spike in maternal mortality rates will likewise be buried by the Right Wing Lie Machine in the spirit of “Ya gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet. Oh well, sluts had it coming. Keep your legs together, you little tarts, and you won’t have a problem” (as cultists are already crowing in my Facebook comboxes in the initial flush of victory, giving the lie to the “Love them both” slogans that died years ago in the MAGA “prolife” cult).

And the MAGA “prolife” movement will be fine with all that, because it long ago stopped being about the unborn (with the honorable exception of Consistent Life Ethic prolifers). Now, for the vast majority, it’s about nihilist MAGA power, culture war spite and “owning the libs”. So the energy will not go toward creating that world of Catholic social justice that the cult only now is making noises about pretending they want to create for a couple of days.

It will be about gun rights, punishing the gays, dismantling Social Security and Medicare, destruction of voting rights, punishing the poor, building the Wall, panics about “grooming”, defending the hyper-rich from any responsibility for the common good, punishing post-abortive women as Abby Johnson demands, panics du jour, smashing Obamacare as much as possible, and restoring GOP power by any means necessary. Any fantasy the Cult will suddenly use this triumph for reflection or repentance is just that: fantasy.

Therefore, it will be up to decent human beings and Normals to actually work for the common good. Of which more after the Fourth of July.


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  1. Very classy, attacking a Black Catholic for his marital decisions and accusing a man who, unlike you, has actually experienced the viciousness of racism, if serving the Confederacy. Bad court precedent should be overturned. Remember Dred Scott? It used to be settled law in this country, so did Plessy v Ferguson. Calm down. If the Holy Father is happy with this decision, why can’t you be?

    1. Have you seen what the “pro-life” Republican Party in Texas is proposing? Or the other “pro-life” celebrities are saying? Oh, the wonderful “pro-life” SC just told businesses to pollute to their heart’s content. As for Thomas, his wife is in bed with the coup organizers. He might not vote for Loving to be overturned, but I suspect the other 5 might.

      1. My very MAGA parents and wife would bust their sides laughing if they heard me described as “MAGA”. The furthest thing from.

    2. That Black Catholic you’re defending wants to turn the law against little old bisexual me, and my LGBT siblings.
      He’s acting neither as a Catholic, or as a Black man aware of how this country has oppressed non-white people since before our inception.

      Staying “Classy” no longer matters when Trump’s cult, his supporting Congressmen and Justices want a put a bullet in my brain for not being straight and white.

  2. “He also mention Griswold, so the morals police will also be eager to arrest people for buying and selling contraception on the same grounds that states can invade our privacy if they feel like.”

    It’s going to be Texas and Oklahoma proclaiming that contraception is always an abortifacient or anyway always might be, so Dobbs protects the right to outlaw contraception completely. I genuinely expect this within a year. I think there are some guys in these places. about to be surprised.

    I don’t entirely understand what motivates these freaks (blind rage against these women who get themselves pregnant aside), but anyone can see how their overlords use them

  3. The pro-life judges keep delivering for their masters.

    Big win for pro-life movement. Please step up and accept congratulations for this victory. It is yours. Please don’t be modest and disown it.

    Supreme Court rules for coal-producing states, limits EPA’s power to fight climate change


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