Lyndon Johnson Called it

Sixty years ago, diagnosing the bigoted Dixiecrats who were abandoning his party in droves over the passage of the Civil Rights Act to go transform the GOP into the bastion of white racism we now see in full flower, LBJ said:

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

This, and nothing else, is what drives the idiotic Right Wing Panic du Jour about CRT and drives the Cult to burn math books in Florida for the crime of including information like this:

And, as LBJ describes, while the bigots in the base are obsessing over their hated racial victims and filled with fear that their children are going to someday learn what bigots their parents are, the leaders of the GQP Crime Syndicate are fleecing them yet again:

This strategy has kept lower-class bigoted whites subject to the rich and powerful for 400 years:

Humans have been catching fish using the same simple tricks for hundreds of thousands of years. Why? Because fish are dumb and can’t learn and never stop falling for the same tricks. Human beings can learn. And those humans who call themselves “Christian” have no excuse for not learning since the knowledge that racism is a sin and you are playing a mug’s game when you fall for it is literally right at the heart of the faith they have been handed free of charge.

This is stunningly uncomplicated. All are made in God’s image and Christ died for all. If American Christians really put our racism in the rear view mirror and reject it decisively as “foreign to the mind of Christ” (Nostra Aetate) we will not only be obeying the God they claim to believe in and doing justice to our neighbors, we will also find themselves immunized to one of the most potent forms of con artistry in American history and stop getting our pockets picked by grifters playing on our sinful stupidity.


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  1. Huh. The CRT thing was a ruse to funnel money to one particular company who bribed politicians. It’s like the love of money is the root of all evil or something. Golly, I sure do wish somebody had warned us about that a couple millennia ago.

  2. “God has ordained [currently-fashionable right-wing strongman] as a new Constantine to protect His Church with the civil power of the sword. – Especially while She confronts the grave abomination of abortion, which can absolutely never be tolerated, because no one can in good conscience support a political leader who thinks parents have the right to kill their own children.”

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