It’s Our Birthday Tomorrow!

This weekend, we are going There and Back Again, to our Hidden Island Redoubt:

There, we shall give ourselves up to jollification for days on end and return late Monday, refreshed and renewed and ready for work. But I will not resume blogging till September 1.

You see, an awful lot of my readers come here from my Facebook page (where I have roughly 7000 friends and followers). But Facebook’s algorithms, in their infinite stupidity, decided I needed to be jailed until September 1 because of this mild joke in a conversation with a Canadian friend as we commiserated about MAGA types in both our countries:

This, the robots decided, was “hate speech” (despite the fact that I love Canada and Canadians and am half-Canadian thanks to my fully Canuck mother, God rest her soul).

So I have decided that instead of doing a massive amount of work blogging for August and having it read by almost no one, I will not post anything until September 1, when my audience on FB can see it again and visit here from the links I post there.

However, so that you will not be left high and dry and utterly Shealess for a whole month, I will leave you to ruminate on the very first Fleischer SUPERMAN cartoon and the Greatest Act of Destruction the World Has Ever Seen (as well as Plucky Girl Reporter and Stunningly Talented Aviatrix Lois Lane, who can apparently land a plane on the front porch of the Mad Scientist’s Mountain Lair)!!!! Also, notable is Superman’s ability to punch out Electrothanasic Energy with his Fists of Steel!

See you September 1!


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  1. Enjoy your vacation Mark, and thank you for all that you do… especially reminding me why I DON’T do Facebook… 😉

  2. That looks like Oak Island! I do hope you’re not caught up in that damn fool pirate treasure quest! 🙂 Or if so, have fun.

    I shall be at my own retreat, which is a clothing optional campground. It’s like Bohemian Grove, except for poor and middle class white trash rather than billionaire captains of industry and presidents 🙂

  3. Have fun Mark! I told my son Christian to be on the lookout for you. He’s also there! He face timed me from the ferry. It looked gorgeous.
    And Facebook is gross. Everyone knows it.

    1. We are at Spencer Spit in the Adirondack shelter in site #7. We’ll be at Mass at Center Church at 10:30 AM Saturday and then at the Farmer’s Market. I hope we can catch up with each other!

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