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Jesus tells his disciples they are to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, but many of us seem bound and determined to be wise as doves about the fact that lots of MAGA Christians are innocent as serpents.

For instance, many people seem never to tire of thinking the MAGA antichrist cult will respond with some sort of crisis of conscience to stuff like this:

There seems to be a deathless belief that if Normals keep writing messages like this to American conservatives like Rod Dreher, somehow their jaws will drop in horror and they will recoil saying, “I had no idea! I’m so sorry!” Normals need to wake up to the fact that for the Cult, racism is a feature, not a bug.

No. Really! Dreher is over the moon about this fascist white racist blood and soil bullshit:

The ridiculous spectacle of dweeby Whole Foods afficianados pretending they are marching with Aragorn to the Black Gates of Mordor and shouting “STAND! MEN OF THE WEST!” as they ditch their kids to go live out their fantasies of fascist self-pity and “Benedict Option” revanchism is just grotesque (and blasphemous to anybody who knows the first thing about the gospel which neither knows nor cares about the ethnic distinctions so cherished by this white supremacist freak show).

Meanwhile, as their patrons pay for them to generate racist propaganda, the real story propagandists like Dreher ignore is here:

The thing rich American conservatives and their trained propaganda monkeys like Dreher perfected that the French nobility never did was to tell poor dumb whites that the browns were coming to take their stuff and miscegenate their daughters. For 400 years now, it has worked to keep stupid whites from noticing that the wealthy were fleecing them.

There is nobody dumber than a white racist conservative. As both the Confederacy and the MAGA dolts going to jail for Trump’s insurrection show, they will fight and die so that rich guys who care nothing about them can hog resources they don’t even need while their own families suffer, if only they can look down on a brown person who never did them any harm at all. Dumb as stumps these people.

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” – Lyndon Johnson

An actual Christian society would be focusing on economic justice for the poor and say “Woe to you who are rich!” as Jesus did, not waste its time on this pureblood idiocy. Until we clear our minds of the baseless belief that MAGA antichrist worshippers and white racists mean well and face the fact that they think racism is awesome and opposition to it absurd and contemptible, we are not facing reality.


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  1. “We are not a mixed race.” Just a flat out lie. Hungarians — like every other culture in Europe — has been mixing with other cultures for thousands of years. Do a DNA test, Mr. Orban. I’ll bet cash money you’ll find a healthy drollop of Hun, Avar, and probably even Turkish in your bloodline.

    The last “pure-blooded” European was leaning near a fire and gnawing on a mammoth bone.

    1. There never was a “pure-blooded” European. Never. The human race according to anthropologists (the real ones, not the 6000-yr-old earthers) originated in Africa and spread out from there. Like it or not, there is only one race on Earth, regardless of census questions.

  2. Mark, aren’t you dancing a jig now that your Democrat friends helped knock off a Republican incumbent in a primary for a MAGA antiChrister?

    1. No idea what you are talking about. If you think I’m following every race in the country and paying attention to all the little maneuvers
      of political types (such as, I assume you mean, voting for beatable MAGA weirdos in primaries so they can be beaten in the fall), you clearly have no idea how I spend my time. You should really try the novel idea of assuming that people like me are honest and not “dancing jigs” as the MAGA cult you defend does constantly. Your cult’s habit of projecting your own evil on those you hate consistently blinds you because you assume all those you hate are just like you.

      1. No. I am not. I am a Christian. Instead of telling people what they think and believe, try asking them. Abandon culture war and try thinking with the Church.

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