“Focus on Abortion” Rhetoric as Sleight of Hand

For years, the “prolife” MAGA cult has tried to silence all criticism of the GOP crime syndicate by saying, “We can’t get distracted by lesser matters! We have to focus on abortion!” After shouting this, they then immediately focus on lesser matters: namely, whatever the GOP Panic du Jour is for that day.

Exhibit A:

The unborn are just human shields so this bishopless con man can grift for his Mob Boss. The fact that he has not been silenced by the US bishops is a scandal. He needs to be laicized. He’s just a free-range political hack in a collar with zero episcopal oversight. I hope somebody contacts the apostolic nuncio and he leans on the USCCB to figure out who, if anybody, is currently supposed to be in charge of him and they finally strip him of his faculties. I also hope the Feds get around to investigating his very shady finances. And, by the way, I hope he is compelled to learn some US history if he thinks holding a crook accountable with a legal warrant is “the most shameful act” the FBI has ever committed. The visit to Mar a Lago was just standard law enforcement with probable cause. But, like zillions of white conservatives, Pavone thinks his tribe is above the law. Speaking of which:

Exhibit B:

Both Johnson and Pavone, like millions of other MAGA, are shocked and terrified at the thought that the power to investigate criminals might actually extend, not merely to browns and poors, but even to rich whites.

It really does say everything about their massive sense of white privilege that equal justice under the law is a shock and a threat to them. It reminds me of when the Gun Cult yammered for years (under a brown president) about the need for guns so that white gun owners could make war on the state. Then, suddenly, when Trump was elected, he announced to a gathering of white NRA members that he was giving a massive amount of military grade hardware to police (aka “agents of the state”) and was met with thunderous applause. Because it was always about race for them, not fear of the state.

All of which is to point out that neither of these “We must focus on abortion” leaders in the “Prolife” movement are focusing on abortion in the slightest. They are focused on lying to defend a criminal from investigation and using the unborn as human shields to do it.


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  1. I remember the time some years back, that I got a mailing from Priests for Life. (If you’ve ever given a dollar to a priest or a nun, EVER, you’ll hear from them all eventually, but I digress.) I was appalled by both tone and content. It was obvious to anyone with a little legal knowledge and a little common sense that his organization just flat couldn’t do any of the things they were promoting. And that couldn’t be accidental — it was obviously the foundation for return solicitations. I truly hate a liar.

    As to “They could do it to any of us”? That’s why liberal scum like me promote constitutional rights and the advice of counsel and stuff like that…

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