As we commemorate 9/11 this week…

…don’t forget that MAGA white supremacists long ago surpassed Islamicists as, by far, the gravest domestic terror threat the US has faced since the Confederacy, and they still constitute a clear and present danger to the future of the United States as a functional constitutional republic, particularly since they have the enthusiastic support of a lot of conservative money, virtually the entire GOP, and (I say to to our shame), millions of Christians, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox.

Rebecca Hamilton writes about the time Right Wing Terror touched her in Oklahoma:

I remember the horror when my sister said “It’s a bomb.” 

I remember lying in bed and thinking “Somebody wanted to do this. Somebody plotted and planned and worked to do … this.” I couldn’t get my mind around it, couldn’t grok the reality that a human being thought this was something to invest themselves in and actually do. 

I’ve seen the grief. I felt the harm. I know that time doesn’t heal it. Not really. It stays with you, and when the media talking heads ramp up hatred, and incite violence in order to get ratings and pile up $$$ for themselves, the old injury aches. It throbs like an old break of the bone when the weather is going to change. 

A storm is coming. That’s what that ache in the bones signals. That’s what this ache in the heart is also signaling. A storm is coming. A storm that nobody wants to see or live through. 

Bear with me while I repeat myself. We’re going to be picking up pieces of people off the streets. 

We’re going to see smoke and ruin and sobbing family members, shattered bodies, ruined lives and grief that never completely stops. 

We the People are being deliberately hyped by right wing monsters with media megahorns into a frenzy of wrathful crazy. In many instances, they are doing this to hide their own criminality, their own collusion in graft, corruption and treason. They’re doing it for ratings and money and power. They’re doing it for every evil impulse that can degrade human souls. And their end game is death. 

If the right wing media won’t stop their fear-mongering, hate promoting, lying invective, then turn them off. 

Choose life. 

Before death chooses you.

I remember the minutes after Right Wing Terror hit that day. A conservative Christian I know immediately emailed to swear blood vengeance against the foreign savages and brown devils he was certain were behind it.

Suddenly, he want radio silent when it turned out the slaughter was done by white conservatives who looked and talked like him.

Now we have MAGA cultists still trying to blame “Antifa” for the violence and murder for which they and they alone were guilty on January 6. The Party of Personal Responsibility blames everybody on earth but themselves for everything.

It will be necessary for Normals and responsible people to jail and punish and hold accountable this fingerpointing sect of accusers and blameshifters, because they will never take a lick of responsibility for the evils they do. May the violent loons and aspiring killers in their ranks be found and stopped before their plans come to fruition.


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