Since the MAGA cult is, in such huge measure, a creature of antichrist religion

It is worth knowing how the right wing freak show morphed into this evil antichristian thing.

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Damon Linker is an idiosyncratic figure among political writers. Trained by Straussians as a political philosopher, Linker edited First Things, the flagship publication for intellectual religious conservatives, until he broke with that publication over the Iraq War (among other things) and became a self-described centrist. He’s also recently started his own attempt to grapple with what’s happening in the GOP and among conservatives: a Substack newsletter titled Eyes on the Right.

This conversation covers what Linker’s own trajectory can teach us about the right; what it was like working at First Things while the Bush administration geared up to invade Iraq; why he thinks Sarah Palin represented a turning point; and his case for understanding Donald Trump as a political, rather than legal, problem.

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