On Voting Day, Remember that GOP Candidate Herschel Walker Pressured His Girlfriend to Abort Their Baby

…and the whole GOP backs him 100% anyway while MAGA antichrist religionists blather about being “prolife” and backing him anyway.

Walker is not even the worst of the GOP Cult in the field today. But since the MAGA “prolife” cult of death makes so much of abortion as the One and Only Thing That Matters on Election Day, it is worth repeating that this evil cult of lies is only interested in performative piety, not in actual deeds, as it weaponizes the unborn, yet again, to act as human shields for their ceaseless cruelty, greed, and will to nihilist power. As Walker and Trump and a host of other GOP men who have pressured women they have impregnated to abort demonstrate, the only theory of salvation the Cult knows is, “Opposition to abortion taketh away the sins of the Cult.” Indeed, for the Cult, rubbing your Precious Feet pin and saying you oppose abortion even makes it permissible to pressure women to abort. What you say, not what you do, is what matters to the Cult.

A woman who asked not to be identified out of privacy concerns told The Daily Beast that, after she and Walker conceived a child while they were dating in 2009, he urged her to get an abortion. The woman said she had the procedure and that Walker reimbursed her for it.

She supported these claims with a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a “get well” card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt that included an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker.

The woman said there was a $125 difference because she “ball-parked” the cost of an abortion after Googling the procedure and added on expenses such as travel and recovery costs.

Additionally, The Daily Beast independently corroborated details of the woman’s claims with a close friend she told at the time and who, according to the woman and the friend, took care of her in the days after the procedure.

The woman said Walker, who was not married at the time, told her it would be more convenient to terminate the pregnancy, saying it was “not the right time” for him to have a child. 

And, lest you (as some MAGA readers have done, try to advance the claim that Walker is somehow expressing penitence by opposing abortion now, know that this is a lie. Not only has Walker acknowledged not regrets, he has lyingly accused the woman:

Asked if Walker ever expressed regret for the decision, the woman said Walker never had. Asked why she came forward, the woman pointed to Walker’s hardline anti-abortion position.

“I just can’t with the hypocrisy anymore,” she said. “We all deserve better.”

After The Daily Beast reached out to the Walker campaign for comment, Robert Ingram, a lawyer representing both the campaign and Walker in his personal capacity, responded.

“This is a false story,” Ingram said in a phone call, adding that he based that conclusion on anonymous sources.

“All you want to do is run with stories to target Black conservatives,” he said. “You focus on Black conservatives.”

Ingram asked The Daily Beast to disclose the identity of the woman, but we declined.

After the story published, Walker released a statement in which he called the story a “flat-out lie” and said he denied it in the “strongest possible terms.”

“I’m not taking this anymore. I planning [sic] to sue the Daily Beast for this defamatory lie. It will be filed tomorrow morning,” he said.

The problem is, his accusers have the receipts:

According to the $575 receipt, the abortion took place on Sept. 12, 2009. And according to the Bank of America deposit receipt, Walker wrote the woman a check for $700 on Sept. 17, 2009. The check was deposited two days later.

The woman, who also provided proof of her romantic relationship with Walker, told The Daily Beast that he mailed her the check inside the “get well” card.

The front of that card features a drawing of a steaming cup of tea and reads, “Rest, Relax…” The message continues on the inside of the card: “…Recover.”

The card is signed, “Pray you are feeling better,” with an “H” in Walker’s distinctive autograph flourish.

Meanwhile, Dinesh D’Souza, one of the many professional liars and criminals for the GOP, demonstrated yet again that, when confronted with its own evil, the morally and intellectually bankrupt MAGA cult does what Satan does: it accuses. It doesn’t even attempt “We’re as good as you” but like Hell, shrieks, “You’re as bad as us!” because it is barren of virtue or ideas:

It would be enough to point out that when the Dems were confronted with Al Franken’s behavior, they cleaned house, while the adulterer D’Souza has doubled and tripled down in defense of self-confessed sex predator Trump. But it bears noting that D’Souza also passes over in silence the fact that, in addition to this vile hypocrisy, Walker has a host of many other utterly characteristic MAGA strikes against him that, in a saner time, would have instantly disqualified him.

And, for a cherry on top, the MAGA antichrist cult immediately sprang into action, not to pray for the child he had killed, nor to support the woman he pressured into killing it and slandered when she spoke the truth about it, nor even for his repentance. Nope, they prayed that he would be defended from having to take any responsibility for or face any consequences for threatening his surviving children with violence.

And last but not least there is this endorsement from one of the children he has betrayed:

That this violent, lying, intensely stupid crook is not an outlier for the GOP, but an all-too-typical sample of what the “prolife” death cult is willing to passionately support because of his low and cheap “prolife” blahblah is yet another indictment of the massive failure of the MAGA “prolife” cult and its rejection of the Consistent Life Ethic in favor of the cynical use of the unborn has human shields for nihilist power and greed. That they make this guy the ideal candidate for the evil GOP cult of death only demonstrates further the necessity of defeating not only horrible candidates like him but the entire theopolitical MAGA cult of death that has replaced the actual gospel with this antichrist freak show.

Vote Dem tomorrow at every level–local, state, and federal–and defeat this evil cult. Keep defeating them in every election for the next decade till their power is broken.


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  1. Mark, what about the normal voter, not democrat or republican that is crushed by the crime wave, crushed by inflation and crushed by Covid school closures, at some level they don’t care about who caused it, everyone knows those 3 things aren’t all the democrats fault, but their the party in power while it’s happening, so on Wednesday please don’t say the country has gone Maga, it hasn’t, there are real political problems out there and the party in power is going to pay the price for them, it’s really not even that big a deal, “democracy isn’t on the ballot”, gas and grocery bills are

    1. @Tony

      There is nothing in the Republican party’s platform to address any of those real issues. There is enough in the Republican Party agenda that actually makes those problems worse – cutting Social security, medicare, any sort of services that is paid for by govt and mostly benefit the working class – all for making sure that the rich pays less taxes. And the Republican definition of rich is people who make incomes of millions a year.

      They are going to make peoples life worse, and planning to outlast electoral defeats, by limiting democracy. to their supporters only, and they have repeatedly said so.

      First, none of this is not some esoteric secret. Republicans have been very clear on what they will do, once they get power. People just chose to willfully ignore it and believe the opposite. Because they are MAGA, and they are entirely subscribed to the theory that power will not submit to reason. Second, nothing could be more contra-Catholicism the denying Reason a gift of God, and that should be enough to make any sincere Catholic see the moral bankruptcy and utter nihilism of the Catholic bishops

      That’s 2 solid reasons no Catholic should be MAGA. So yes the country has gone MAGA. Mark is right. They are willing to believe violent stupid people and the lies they peddle over reason.

      Nietzsche said that “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

      You can see this in front of your eyes now, and the Catholic Church’s active support of Nietzsche’s dictum in real time. The number of priests and bishops who are dancing to Nietzsche is the overwhelming majority today. Ready to do evil .. for what apparently? Abortion? .. wait till you see the results of state referendums.

      The Catholic Church’s active participation in creating this monster is undeniable. The Catholic Church (60+% of USCCB ) are all hoping for a light Christian theocracy. Just like the fools who thought in the 1930s that riding on the coat tails of an idiot Bavarian corporal was the way to defeat atheism for a 1000 years. This too shall end, after wars kill and impoverish enough, and at that time, if there is a God, then the Catholic Church should have no moral authority or dignity left.

      There is no better proof of Nietzche than the American Catholic Church’s actions in the last decade. There is no God and there is only power.

      1. Trump set the stage for runaway inflation by giving the wealthy gigantic tax breaks putting more money into play for Wall Street, most of which they used to buy back their own stock and juice up their stock prices and make billions. He also leaned on the Fed constantly to keep slashing interest rates more and more for the same reason.

        We can expect much more of that if Republicans win tomorrow, and much higher inflation.

  2. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think GOP is the answer to those things, I’m just saying don’t call normal people Jan 6ers or Maga for being bothered by crime, inflation, and Covid overreach.

  3. I agree with you, you don’t have to win me over, look at the Hispanic vote, they have the most to lose by voting GOP, the republicans are literally telling them they don’t want them, and their still breaking republican, I bet it’s 60/40 tomorrow, and their not Maga, or Jan 6ers, I’m asking why? Why are Hispanics breaking Republican, I think it’s their sick of “gender construct” lunacy, crime in poor neighborhoods (defund the police), inflation, etc.

    1. “The Hispanics” are not a monolithic group demographically or politically. Cubans in Miami, who have long been highly conservative, are not the same as Puerto Ricans in New York or first generation Hondurans in Iowa or third generation Mexicans in Los Angeles. There are plenty of Hispanics who don’t even speak Spanish. They also vary according to all of the other drivers of political leanings: Age, gender, economic status, education level etc.

  4. Depends on what you mean by “the GOP.” If you mean the GOP leadership and machinery … yeah. If you mean “all registered Republican voters” … no. I’m afraid I can’t agree. I have friends and family members of genuine goodwill who are sincere conservatives. They don’t hate democracy and want to join an insurrection to “save” the country. Do I think they are being misled by the GOP and right wing media? Yup. Totally. But they are still good people who are being misled.

    As for the GOP machinery … wow. I mean really. I don’t know how anyone could watch an unapologetic, unhinged narcissist clown like Trump and take him seriously for even a moment. I wouldn’t buy a toaster from the man, much less vote for him. And Hershel Walker? C’mon. Even if all these accusations against him were not true (and I think they are), all you have to do is listen to the man speak for three minutes are realize that he is not the brightest candle on the birthday cake.

    So how could such clowns be doing so well? Let’s be honest. No one is better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than the Democratic Party. They have almost made an art of it. On the rare occasions they have a genuine leader with principles stand up, they immediately shove him to the margins and insist on coronating another Clinton or right-leaning establishment suit. And I am hardly the only one noticing this. See: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/nov/04/bernie-sanders-democrats-economy-midterms and https://www.politico.com/news/2022/10/23/sanders-worried-about-democratic-midterm-turnout-urges-focus-on-economy-00063043 and https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2022/10/bernie-sanders-democrats-republicans-the-messaging-economy-midterms and https://unherd.com/thepost/the-democrats-deserve-to-lose-the-hispanic-vote/ and https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2022/11/hispanic-voters-fleeing-democratic-party/671851/ and https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/30/opinion/lets-pretend-for-a-minute-that-theres-just-biden-to-worry-about.html and https://www.wsj.com/articles/democrats-deserve-to-lose-midterms-2022-cancel-culture-leftists-progressives-san-francisco-recall-election-11645654233 .

  5. “Abortions? Apostate! Anathema! Anathema!”
    “Ah, but these were _forced_ abortions.”
    “Oh, that’s all right then – at least he’s not pro-choice”.

    1. At some point, the MAGA “prolife” cult will have to start asking, “Is it somehow possible that we lose for reasons pertaining to our nauseating hypocrisy and *not* because all those we hate are babykilling monsters dedicated to pure evil?”

      1. I think it’s far more likely that they will go Jonestown rather than engage in any sort of serious introspection.

        The lesson they’re drawing from this election is that their candidates just weren’t Trumpy enough! There’s always the Big Lie to fall back on.

      2. Mark, it’s all because of voter fraud, apparently. At least according to the other Mark S[teyn] and his amen corner.
        This is why the Right are talking about State legislatures overturning the popular vote and installing their own appointed slates of presidential Electors in 2020 and 2024. (Because while Diebold’s corrupted machines and Dinesh D’Souza’s ballot mules can swing federal elections, it seems there’s some Dursley-strength geīs that protects elections for State Governors and legislatures from The DEMON!!!crats’ malarkey, you see…)

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