The Mystery of the Proclamation of the Kingdom

Today we look at the third Luminous Mystery of the Rosary.

Jesus’ first public proclamation is “Repent! For the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (Matt. 4:17). It’s significant that when God becomes man, his first word to us is not, “Way to go!,” “Keep it up!,” or “What do you think?,” but “Repent!” Many people are put off by that, as they would be by a total stranger walking up to them and saying, “Stop it!” But then, Jesus is not a total stranger. He knows us better than anybody, which is why his first word is “Repent!” Not one of us can hear that word with an ounce of reflection and not immediately recognize those things of which we need to repent. That’s why we reflect so rarely. It’s also why something like the Rosary (which places us into a regular routine of reflection instead of leaving us to get around to it, like teenagers promising to clean their rooms) is a good thing. For the good news is that Jesus didn’t come to depress us with the fact that there’s plenty wrong with us. He came to deliver us from the sins he called us to see and repent of. Today, Lord, help me hear the voice of Jesus and repent. He will surely forgive and deliver us from all sin.


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