What Freedom of Speech Is and Is Not

Every time some Right Wing liar or bigot says or does something to horrify Normals and ends up facing consequences such as getting dumped by NIKE like Kanye for blabbering about his Hitler love, or getting dumped by every newspaper except Der Sturmer like Scott Adams for spewing nutty racist rants on Twitter, or getting dumped from Twitter like Trump after his violent insurrection, or being told to shut his rebellious trap by his bishop like James Altman, or getting dumped by FOX like Tucker Carlson for being a deadly liability to his employer, the Right Wing Lie Machine, both MAGA and Reactionary Catholic (but I repeat myself) drags out the stupid word “cancelled” and then starts lying that there is a “liberal war on free speech in America”.

Here reality: when the Right Wing Lie Machine, as is their custom, starts whining about “free speech” and the first amendment, remember that the only thing the first amendment does is forbid the state from forbidding or compelling speech.

The latter point matters, because it means that no person or private media corporation is bound by law to publish or platform somebody like Kanye, Trump, Carlson, or Scott Adams. Their free speech rights have not been infringed in the slightest. They can, if they choose, go on expressing his repugnant and inhuman views to their heart’s content, screaming at the traffic or talking to fellow racists in their creepy little internet hidey holes. But nobody owes them a platform, just as I do not have a constitutional right to force the Washington Post or the Seattle Times to publish my magnificently funny Dad Jokes.

Ye, Trump, Carlson, and Adams got what they richly deserved and the refusal of Normals to platform them is an exercise in liberty, not an infringement of Free Speech. Nobody owes them a thing.

The flip side of this, of course, is that those media corps and personalities who choose to defend and amplify such people, such as the massive racist Elon Musk and his Twitter plaything, are in fact, actively choosing to amplify racism and even Nazism, which is in turn a plea for the suppression of human rights (including free speech rights) for their victims.

Every syllable the Cult speaks about “reverse racism” is and always has been BS.

That’s because the Right Wing Lie Machine and the MAGA cult’s deeply ingrained spiritual habits are founded in a satanic nihilism devoid of intelligence or virtue. So the Cult cannot even say “We’re as good as you” to those they hate. They can only say “You’re as bad as us.” Therefore, they lie and accuse as Satan lies and accuses: by using accusation as a form of confession that reflects their own evil. That is why the People of the Lie screaming that their free speech rights are infringed are silent as hell about their own cult leader’s real and actual attempt to really use the might of the state to overturn legitimate free speech.


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  1. I wouldn’t say Trump got what he deserved, considering that he’s allowed back on Twitter now by fiat of the fake genius and apartheid nepo baby who bought the platform with other people’s money.

    I’d also quibble that the First Amendment and Free Speech are two different things. Something can be not a First Amendment issue by virtue of the offending party not being a government in the United States, but still be an offense against the human right of free speech.

    The point still stands, however, that this is emphatically not what’s happening in these cases because nobody owes anyone a platform. Moreover, many of these people still have platforms. For instance, Trump (in addition to being unbanned from Twitter) has his own AGPL-violating (or did they fix that?) Twitter clone where he can post unhinged comments that get aired on TV, and CNN is hosting a Town Hall with him.

      1. Freedom of speech is under massive attack these days, but the attackers are almost exclusively the same right wingers who whine about “freedom of speech.”

        We have the governor of Florida employing Soviet style measures to try to crush Disney for nothing more than daring to contradict The Party over the state’s “Don’t say gay” law. We have a huge resurgence of attempted book bans. We have another Soviet measure to eradicate anything inconvenient about our nation’s deep history of racism from history books. More laws or bills attempting to criminalize people for what they wear (and nothing to do with exposed flesh). Texas is trying to force internet providers to censor any information about abortion within it’s nascent Republic of Gilead.

      2. That I would agree with. But I’m talking about state attacks on whinging Right Wing “free speech”. Apples and oranges.

      3. Kenofken covered MAGA governments, but back in the private sector, the wealthy use bogus copyright claims and SLAPP lawsuits to silence criticisms.

        But looking closer, I see that the comment you’re replying to has a link in it. Ah, the old “liberal elites are using big tech to censor conservative viewpoints” thing. I had a screed about that all typed up but then I realized it wouldn’t convince anyone who didn’t already agree. 🙁 Suffice to say it’s bogus.

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