MAGA Gun Cult Celebration of Sadistic Cruelty

There used to be a time when the slaughter of children by the Gun Cult retained enough moral horror for the Cult that it at least was forced to respond with denial for its complicity in the horror it fights to create and maintain. So after massacres at Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Uvalde, the Cult retained enough tenous relationship the moral order to at least shriek “Don’t blame me!” True, the thought of thinking first of victims and not of themselves, or of asking “Dear God! What can be done to stop this?” and not “Why am I the biggest victim on planet Earth?” never occurred to these sociopathic narcissists. But at least they still were capable, in some dim way, of recognizing that, to Normals, the slaughter of children by guns was a Bad Thing.

But as the Gun Cult goes from strength to strength, immune from consequences and now able to boast that guns are The #1 Cause of Death for children in the US, the MAGA cult of spite and cruelty increasingly reveals that they revel in the helplessness of those they hate to prevent the nightmare.

Here, for instance, is MAGA nihilism in a single image. Catturd, nihilist conservative troll boasting a following of 1.7 million follower on Twitter speaks for the Cult as he responds to child slaughter in Allen, Texas, not even with the pretense of caring, but with open and naked spite about anything which makes those they hate grieve. For the Cult such anguish at the massacre of innocent is, increasingly, an occasion for spiteful gloating, not denial. The important thing about the gun slaughter of children is, for monsters like this, that it is a mark of the powerlessness of Normals to stop it.

For the Cult, the nearest experience of a sense of power (which Normals experience in using their gifts for creative love and service), is abusive cruelty expressed in destructive hate that ruins those weaker than themselves. So cultists like Catturd care far more about that depraved feeling of power than about children with their faces blown off.

Stop talking about the Cult as though they are partners in dialogue who, at some level, “mean well”. They savor evil and laugh along with diabolic “humor” like this.


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  1. Thank you for writing this, Mark Shea. The more I read your work, the more I love it. I have four of your books too! The gripping reality that the Republican party has been calculated and planned fascist party over decades is beyond upsetting. Our family is traveling to Nazi Germany in the fall. This country and the German Catholic Church are the two of the most anti-fascist countries and religious entities in the world. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your timely publications.

      1. Thanks so much! Yes, I have read this article
        Thanks for being so kind.

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