The World the MAGA “Prolife” Antichrist Gun Cult of Death Has Created

Conservative MAGA antichrist religion lies that it serves Jesus. Christ called us to lay down our lives in love of neighbor. The great commandment of the Gun Cult, according to FOX, is “Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” That is the world they have created in the US. This twice daily hostage situation will never ever end until Normals unite to destroy by every legal means available the GOP, the arms industry, the NRA, and the MAGA Gun Cult. When they show up to lie on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed don’t give them a platform to lie, but block them, silence them, disempower them at every turn. Stop treating their worn out lies like respectable talking points. Stop treating them like partners in a good faith dialogue. Walk over them. If they repent, fine. But stop treating people who look at heaps of slaughtered children without faces and only respond, “What about me? What about my needs?” as anything other than enemies to be defeated.


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