Just a little reminder…

…that Libertarianism and MAGA antichrist religion are not and never will be compatible with Catholic tradition.

You would not believe the hate I get for pointing out quotes like this. Of which more tomorrow.


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  1. Very illuminating. Libertarianism is a farrago of nonsense.

    We actually see shades of Nietzsche here – with Nietzsche’s views of “slave” and “master” morality. Nietzsche derided “slave” morality and preferred “master” morality. Right off you see something is wrong with Nietzsche – are there really two moralities, or is there just morality? But I digress. Rothbard is expressing “master” morality here. Parents have rights over their children because they are stronger, and heavens forbid anyone speak out for starved, uneducated, abused children because they are weaker.

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