Fantasy Courage and Real Cowardice

All those conservative weirdo men who post AI pictures of an absolutely ripped Trump dressed as Superman

or Rambo,

or deepfake lies that he is not the white supremacist Nazi posterboy he is

or who adorn their cyber-persona with knight/crusader/paladin images, or who love memes starring their imagined selves using their bodies to shield their families from the assaults of demons/liberals (same thing for them),

or who are currently identifying with QANON Jesus as he rescues The Little Children[TM] from (((You Know Who))) before they can be trafficked and their blood taken to make adenochrome have turned Pretend Heroism into an art.

They spend their days fighting imaginary threats that exist only in their minds so that they can feel heroic while never lifting a finger to even notice, much less confront, real threats. Hence they attack real people who have dedicated their lives to rescuing children from trafficking, because those children are distastefully LGBTQ and (and besides, these real rescuers dare to criticize QANON Jesus’ fantasies).

They defend forcing desperate Christian refugees to miscarry among the razor wire of the Rio Grande,

while complaining of “persecution” for coffee cups not to their taste.

They cheer for GOP liars telling us slavery was really a kindly jobs program (and maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to bring it back) while posing bravely in defiant self-pity over trivial culture war shit.

MAGA People of the Lie are fully committed to narcissistic fantasies–because they are cowards. Empathy extends to the conservative and to the tiny minority who are extensions of his ego. All other human suffering is non-existent, contemptible, funny, or guilt manipulation in their world.


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  1. Possibly the only thing more disturbing than the reality of Trump is the fact that some of his fan boys have blatantly homoerotic fantasies about him….

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