A Chart Documenting Two Great Truths

…about two huge right-wing lies. Here’s the chart:

The first endlessly told and retold lie is “The problem is not the easy access to the technology of mass slaughter available to Americans. Oh no! The problem is godlessness! What will stop gun violence in the US is a return to Christian culture! Laws are useless! We must pray that hearts change!”

As has been famously remarked about the US, if Sweden is the most secular nation in the world and India is the most religious then the US is best described as a nation of Indians ruled by Swedes. Though the MAGA antichrist cult of violent sociopathic fascists is doing its best to ensure that the young turn away from the Church in nausea, the US still remains an overwhelmingly Christian nation. And the places most likely to self-identify as Christian and conservative are, by no coincidence at all, also the places where gun violence reigns supreme. Meanwhile, the European nations denounced by Y’all Quaeda gun lovers as “godless” have a vanishingly small rate of gun violence because they lack access to the weapons of mass slaughter. Indeed, we beat out “godless” Europe 22 times over. Everything the MAGA antichrist “prolife” cult of death says about guns is a lie. Anti-gun laws work. Meanwhile, not one of those liars argues that the best way to deal with ISIS would be to make nukes freely available to all and then just pray that God change the hearts of terrorists. The Gun Cult lies. It does nothing but lie.

Speaking of godless liars, Christian Nationalists like Rod Dreher and other enthusiasts for right wing antichrist religion, having abandoned faith that Jesus Christ can save the Church, now look to authoritarian goons like Viktor Orban of Hungary to do it instead. Note the circle on the chart. That documents the second lie of the right wing christofascist lie machine. Christianity is in terrible shape in Hungary (which also has higher prostitution and abortion rates than the US). Christian Nationalism cannot save anything. It will, however, do a good job of poisoning decent human beings against the gospel and is doing a great job of it right here in the US of A.

The Lie Machine, fresh from saying that our ills are caused by shrinking numbers of the Godly, customarily responds to the facts about Hungary by turning on a dime and declaring that it is blessed with a smaller, purer Camp of the Saints. But there is no evidence for that which they can produce. It’s just another lie from a subculture now consumed by lies.

The gospel grows through freedom, grace, faith, and love, not through force, fear, violence, iron, and law.


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    1. And here we have a great example of Dunning-Kreuger.

      On the very post by Mark about the kind of lies pushed through right-wing memes , here we have a friend pushing an example of the same kind of lie …”Liberals cities are the reason for gun violence”

      Funny, eh?

      This is the hard part of lying through memes. On the surface they seem true, but on examination they fall apart as lies .
      People of good will don’t think about a word where right-wing money and influence are organized to manufacture these lies, and propagate them. If at all they think about such things, they think it is the liberals and left, not the holy, church going right-wing folks, correct?

      That trope has been disproven clearly, and still they keep on citing it. The cities have high gun violence rate, because that is where most of the people live. This is on par with the other lies – like liberals in cities are running your government etc. …..Most of the people live in cities. Deal with it.

      Even granting those cities have higher murder rates, that does not have any bearing on the rest of the country. The rest of the country still have high murder rates..

      “The cities cited in the meme accounted for 1,568 of 17,250, or 9.1 percent, of all homicides reported to the FBI in 2016, Tom Kovandzic, a criminologist at the University of Texas, Dallas, calculated for us. And without those cities, the homicide rate (per capita) would only decline by 7.73 percent, or from 5.34 to 4.93.

      When we applied those reductions to the UN data, the United States barely budged in its international standing. It moved down four spots in per capita murders and stayed the same in total murders .That’s inconsequential compared with the 186-spot jump the meme concocted”

      Anyone can google “viral-image united-states-third-murders-outlier-cities” and expose this lie

      But that is not even the biggest lie being pushed by our friend here. The big lie is about laws.

      Cities don’t make gun laws. They cannot. Even states cannot. They are all suffering under the national laws, which cannot be changed because – Pro- life Republic party and pro-life Supreme Court.

      The Pro-life Supreme Court judges rule any gun control laws illegal. They have done that iso far, and they have said that they will do so again in the future

      Great great majestic win for the pro-life cause!!!!!. Lets give them more political power, so that they can bring about the rule of heaven through the barrel of the gun

  1. You’re supposed to be living your life right no matter where you live or what the government at that time and place is, not make a Christian government, “My kingdom is not of this world” and all that. And just like eating meat sacrificed to idols, if you see that gun possession is causing trouble for some, even though you think it shouldn’t or you don’t think it causes a problem for you, you should be willing to put it aside for the sake of others (this doesn’t mention the people who commit suicide because a gun is handy, or children who find a gun in the home and try it out, or guns that are stolen and then used in crimes…)

  2. Hungary was the most progressive of the former Eastern Bloc countries after 1990. It embraced free market economy wholesale, including wide acceptance of prostitution and pornography. It was widely praised for its liberalism.
    Compare Czechia and Slovakia. They were a single country before 1992. Since then, Czechia basically followed the same recipe as Hungary, Slovakia stayed more conservative.
    It seemed like an open contest whether Czechia or Hungary would have more porn stars per capita, which one would provide more liberal abortion laws, which one would be more progressive with regards to prostitution.
    End result, neither of them won. Hungary is way more reactionary, with Fidesz enjoying actually high approval rates not because people want to punish those who sinned, but because they witnessed firsthand what happens to a country that embraces progress for its own sake.

    And for what? Economic growth? A rising tide lifts all boats. Czechs and Hungarians enjoyed slightly higher economic growth and this was widely touted as THE reason for Poland to legalize prostitution and liberalize abortion.

    Is that what’s it about? Allow unrestricted access to abortion because economy?

  3. I have to giggle at Pauli’s meme although it’s far from a humorous topic. All one needs to do is take the other two countries in the top 3… I believe Brazil and India … take their top 5 gun violence cities out of the equation and their figures are whitewashed as well. A good statistician would see through this trick in the blink of an eye.

  4. Czechoslovakia is an interesting case here. Gun free under the Nazis and the Communists. It’s now Czechia and Slovakia. Ethnically and linguistically they are very close. Where they diverge is on religiosity which your chart confirms. Both are crazy for guns now and the Czechs claim to have more concealed carry holders per capita than the USA. I question this because many states are now “constitutional carry” so you’d have to add in a LOT more people. Nevertheless, they are two very safe countries.

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