The Perfect Traitor

One of the great mysteries of the MAGA antichrist cult is the surprise that each of its adherents feel when the most selfish man in the history of the Republic throws them under the bus after having betrayed umpteen other dupes and lackeys. If there is anything Trump has made extraordinarily clear, it is that he regards all other human beings as useful tools or as nothing at all. And yet, again and again, people have ruined their lives, their character, their reputations, and their hopes in pursuit of the approval of this traitorous predator. From Proud Boys going away to prison without his lifting a finger to help them to betrayed wives to a betrayed nation to betrayed lackeys like Michael Cohen to betrayed lawyers and henchmen under indictment with him to betrayed MAGA supporters with COVID dying by the bushel to prop up his lies to betrayed voters who found themselves and loved ones deported or separated, to his infant nephew with cerebral palsy whom he tried to deny medical care in a family spat over money, there is nobody who has not been stabbed in the back by him the moment he found it useful to his fortunes or vanity to do so.

But perhaps the greatest spectacle of groveling obsequiousness and prostitution has been the “prolife” cult of death selling its soul to this guy and getting exactly the betrayal they deserve. These are people who long ago decided it would profit them plenty to gain his support at the cost of their souls and they have spent nearly a decade lying, abusing the weak, trampling the last shreds of truth and decency and selling their souls. These people used to talk about the dignity of human life, but abased themselves to defend this disgusting mockery of the disabled:

These champions of “family values” whored themselves out to compare this double adulterer and rapist to King David and call him “God’s anointed” when he was found to have screwed a porn star while his third wife, a former porn star, was giving birth.

They babbled about his manly courage while Cadet Bonespurs again and again ducked responsibility for his actions and spoke of vets and POWs as losers.

They lied that the deaths of a million Americans (including unborn children) from COVID were no big deal.

They went to war against the Holy Father and the Church to spit in the faces of refugees, the poor, the brown and the sick because, again and again, they bought the monomaniac lie that abortion was the one and only moral issue that mattered and Trump and the GOP were going to magic abortion away by somehow imposing the will of 13% of Americans on the other 87%. They lied to themselves that because Trump’s SCOTUS judges struck down Roe, their fantasy of a glorious abortion ban that would let them jail and even execute post-abortive women and drop the facade that they gave a damn about them.

So it is particularly exquisite that this base of lying fanatics, committed to killing an ever-growing list of victims “for life” should suddenly find the man the lied is “the most pro-life president in history” is leading the GOP charge to dump these lying monomaniacs as fast as possible since he knows as well as the rest of the GOP leadership that their insane demand to impose the will of 13% of the population is an absolutely guaranteed and surefire loser:

Trump–like another professional liar who has spent decades exploiting the willing gullibility of the “prolife” cult of death and teaching it to pit the unborn against every form of human life the GOP wants to rob, harm, oppress and kill…

…has reached the point where he knows that the attempt to “outlaw abortion” is doomed. The cynics in GOP never meant it to come to that. They just wanted to go on making empty promises and harvesting votes from suckers willing to suppport any GOP cruelty as they kept pursuing their fantasy of magicking abortion away. So as the 13 Percent, stoked by Dobbs, rev their dream of an America where they can finally impose insane and draconian punishments on women that scare the hell out of Normals, the GOP is now searching for a way to betray them, keep abortion “safe, legal and rare” (as Hannity says, echoing the Clinton Administration) and figure out a way to go on harvesting the votes of these sucker, perverting them ever more perfectly into willing death cultists, and never having to deliver on their fantasy of an American without abortion where they never have to give a shit about their own selfish support for GOP policies that actually drive up abortion rates.

It will be fascinating to see how the MAGA cult go on rationalizing their support for Trump even after he clearly signals that he will never give them the one monomaniac desire that has been their Idée fixe for 40 years and to which they have sacrificed their sanity, decency, common sense, and integrity. My hope is that they will finally start realizing just how much they have destroyed and distorted the actual Christian witness to the dignity of human life and wake up at long last to the truth that they have abandoned Christ in pursuit of the idol of nihilist power at any price. They have sought the One Ring, lying to themselves that the ends justify the means. And they have live out the truth articulated by Uncle Screwtape:

To get the man’s soul and give him nothing in return–that is what truly gladdens the heart of Our Father Below.

Yet even now, after years of whoring themselves out to this traitorous man and getting only betrayal in return for their treason to the Kingdom of God, our heavenly Father will gladly receive ever MAGA cult of death member, forgive their sins, and set their feet on the way of Christ if they will only repent. I pray they do.


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  1. It will be interesting, as things develop, to see just how far down this road people are willing to follow the false hopes of
    “greatness”. If I remember history correctly, France was destroyed by it’s decisions in the 19th centry, Germany in the 20th, and Russia, in the 21st? Just how far out of balance do things really have to go, until the insanity begins to shift back?
    Illustions, and a lack of self awareness hurts all of us individually, and as humanity.

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