Dawn Eden Goldstein on the Problem of Antisemitism in the Church

Tremendous progress has been made in the past half-century, but there remain real problems that have only gotten worse with the rise of the MAGA cult and the sect of Francis-haters. My friend Dawn provides an invaluable service:


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  1. There’s a weird contradiction among many conservative Catholics and related MAGA types:

    They’re obsessively pro-Israel but also hate Jews…

    1. They’re Super Patriots. They love their country but hate 93% of the people that live in it. Referencing Mad Magazine here…

      I am also reminded of CS Lewis’ conception of hell in The Great Divorce. There are people so full of hate of everyone and everything, that they continue to build separation and isolation on and on into eternity.

    2. It’s not really a contradiction if you think about it. Israel existing means that there’s an obvious place to send all the Jews they want to deport

      1. Very true. They want them all to make Aliyah. That was the original Nazi plan. When they get there, they can be excused of all crimes because it’s just god’s plan to usher in Jesus. Truly sick.

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