Michael Lofton is a Sensible Guy

Overlook the lurid title of the video. He deals well with the facts about a sect that very literally regards those they hate as “vermin” (a favorite term of Bp. Strickland’s Golden Boy, James Altman, as well as of his hero Donald Trump):

The Reactionary sect of Francis haters do all in their power to illustrate my point that the defining psychological trait of MAGA conservatism is pity for themselves and extensions of their ego combined with a disregard for the sufferings of others as non-existent, contemptible, funny, and/or guilt manipulation.


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  1. A good general rule of thumb you can apply throughout life: Anyone who refers to another human being or group of human beings as “vermin” is not on the side of the angels.

    1. Every decent historian will tell you that dehumanizing language has genocide has never been the first step: language dehumanizing the target group always came before it.

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