The Parable of the Two Daughters

Once upon a time there was a Mother who had two daughters. The older daughter felt herself oppressed by her Mother. For although she had dwelt in luxury for many years, she liked things just so and could not rest or think of anybody but herself if a button was out of place or the […]

Listen to Jesus, not Oppressors

There are deeply pious, intensely scrupulous, and often OCD-afflicted people who, through no fault of their own, struggle grievously over profoundly unimportant things and are wracked with guilt about minor matters as they labor through each day trying with heart-breaking intensity to Be Good. Scruples are a crushing spiritual disease and the counsel of good […]

There are three great fantasies rampant in the Church

The first is that the Extraordinary Form will ever be anything but the Extraordinary Form. Here’s reality: it’s called the Extraordinary, not the Ordinary, Form for a reason. Even a study by a source strongly biased toward it informs us that after 13 years of authorization, only a “tiny percentage” of Catholics attend it. The […]

On Friday, we looked at the threat of Reactionary dissent in the Church…

Here is a sample of it, deadly to both body and soul, as a Reactionary priest offers a fake humblebrag to “apologize” for the imaginary sins, not of himself, but of his culture war enemies who paid attention to science and kept the vulnerable safe from him and his selfish sect of Trads. What he […]

“It is for freedom that Christ has made you free”

Here is a representative sample of where apostate MAGA Christianity is right now: This is the sort of thing that would have made St. Paul’s head explode. The cult takes things that are meant for freedom, blessing, and love and turns them into laws, shibboleths, and weapons for hurting and excluding. It is exactly the […]

False Courage and Real Selfishness

I have noted several things in the past. One is that grave sin always cloaks itself in the language of courage. Somebody who wants to be a real son of a bitch always tells himself and those around him that he has the raw guts to do what lesser, weaker, more timid souls are too […]