Taylor Marshall! Now More Than Ever!

Michael Sean Winters enumerates the countless reasons why Reactionary Catholics with only the most tenuous connections with reality should–nay! MUST!!–sever those connections and vote for the only man who can feed their fantasies of creating America The Catholic Confessional Imperium.


Only Taylor Marshall has the guts, the courage to do Trump one better. Not only was the 2020 election stolen by Biden, but the 1958 papal election may have been stolen by Pope John XXIII! Actually, it is not clear what variety of sedevacantism Marshall espouses. D.W. Lafferty, writing at Where Peter Is, reviewed Marshall’s book Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church From Within, and points out that: “What gives him leeway to shape and twist his material into any shape he wants is that he hovers between constructing a narrative with human conspirators and a narrative that is driven by Satanic, demonic forces. There is no need to prove that so-and-so was actually a Freemason if, in the end, Freemasonry, Modernism, communism, and the Sankt Gallen Mafia are all manifestations of the same Satanic plot.”

Are you reaching for your checkbook to send Marshall’s campaign a check yet? Or are you a modernist or a Freemason!

Marshall’s platform may not have much to say about the debt ceiling, but he is very much opposed to receiving Communion in the hand. He is opposed to Protestantism because it rejects the papacy, but he also opposes the pope. Not sure how that works out. Marshall is more convinced that King Charles III is a “Globalist Antichrist.” 

Turning to foreign affairs, Marshall’s views are deeply influenced by disgraced former nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Marshall frets about the “deep state” and the “deep church” working together for a nefarious, globalist agenda. He allows that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “criminal, cruel man who manipulates Christianity for money and power.” But he also objects to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, and cites a tweet in which Zelenskyy said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was an inspiration to him. According to Marshall, Trudeau is “an evil tyrant, who is destroying the Canadian people.” 

There is a lot of talk about Our Lady of Fatima. Pity she would not be available to serve as secretary of state should Marshall win. Smart money is on Viganò emerging from retirement to return to the diplomatic hustings on Marshall’s behalf.

On the domestic front, a Marshall administration would find some cabinet positions easier to fill than others. Janet Smith, the nation’s foremost opponent of contraception, would be an obvious choice for secretary of health and human services, and Fr. James Altman of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, is a good bet to lead the Department of Justice, which is likely to be weaponized by any GOP president. Altman has been unafraid to call out “modernists,” and modernism, the “mother of all heresies,” is likely to be a major concern of Marshall’s administration.

Marshall likes doing media. He has appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” and Glenn Beck’s podcast. He is a frequent guest at LifeSiteNews. Still, he will need a press secretary. Perhaps EWTN radio hosts Dan and Stephanie Burke, who interviewed Marshall when his book Infiltration came out, could serve as press secretaries jointly (h/t to Where Peter Is for that and many other tidbits of information regarding this sector in the Catholic conspiracy universe).

Cabinet appointments need to wait until after Dr. Marshall wins. One choice must be made in advance of the election, the choice of a running mate. The veep candidate must be someone endowed with profound spiritual insights into the complex moral issues of our day and also be familiar with modern means of communication. The obvious choice? Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who just last week shared with the world the fact that he had discerned Pope Francis was “undermining the Deposit of Faith.” How helpful would it be to President Marshall to have a vice president with such a finely tuned theological sensibility, especially if the apocalypse is really at hand.

Strickland would also help with another problem. Every president needs a retreat, a place where they can go to get away from the burdens of office. Strickland was part of the bishops’ panel at the 2019 Napa Institute gathering at Tim Busch’s swanky resort. I am sure Mr. Busch could be persuaded to erect a nice retreat cottage for President Marshall.

Marshall & Strickland in 2024. America needs them! No other candidates will make “reveal the fourth secret of Fatima” a leading campaign pledge! It is time to make America holy again! Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war!


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  1. Thanks for writing this, Mark. One of the main reasons I converted to Catholicism 7 years ago was the Primacy of Peter. I can tell you that this conversion saved lives in my family because I followed Pope Francis during the rise of Trumpism. Watching Pope Francis act in-action to protect the Church from the Catholic Right made me realize that they are a force which is acting in an antithetical way to the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus. Furthermore, they are mimicking traits of the Nazi party of WWII. If we are not careful, the Church will be used again to repeat history. I hope you are doing well.

  2. He’ll also need some sort of secret scandal (sexual or financial) to be uncovered but defended to the hilt by the Catholic far right whose only measure of a sin is abortion and to be a Democrat.

  3. Where do these people come from?

    Did an entire generation of right wing Catholics grow up being fed lead paint chips as after school snacks?

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