Political Theatre for the Antichrist MAGA Cult


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is preparation for this:

Protesters outside the White House were fired on with tear gas and rubber bullets, surrounded by military police, and pushed out by cops mounted on horseback Monday evening in an apparent effort to clear the way for a presidential photo-op.

In the midst of a disturbing speech from the Rose Garden in which President Donald Trump announced his intention to use the military to quash protests and unrest across the country, law enforcement descended on the protest which was, by the accounts of multiple reporters on the scene, entirely peaceful.ADVERTISING

PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor, on the scene with the protesters, reported that she was teargassed along with them.

Garret Haake of MSNBC narrated a frightening scene as protesters ran from police marching toward them on large horses. Two men ran by him carrying a woman in their arms. When Haake asked is she was alright, she responded: “I got hit bad.” Others hurried by with their arms in the air. One man screamed: “We live in a third world country!”

“This is by far the largest law enforcement presence I’ve seen in this park in the last three days, and by far the most aggressive action I’ve seen by law enforcement,” Haake said.

Trump and his MAGA Cult of antichrist Christians are itching for violence. He is an apostate’s idea of a devout man, a coward’s idea of a brave man, a weak man’s idea of a strong man, a loser’s idea of a winner, a fool’s idea of a wise man, and a stupid man’s idea of a strong man.


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    1. What, are you upset at my lack of reverence for a dimestore antichrist who just sicced the goon squad on peaceful protesters so that he could have himself photographed (without permission) virtue signaling to the MAGA cult in preparation for his own personal Kristallnacht? Boo hoo. Sorry your feels are hurt.

  1. Probably nothing you can do about it, Mark, but just mention that many, at least, of your linked videos can be played in New Zealand.

  2. One thing that really baffles me about Americans is why we have tolerated violent policing for so long. American police typically kill about 1,000 Americans per year, and that is astronomical compared to other countries similar to us. Germany and England usually see police killings in single digits per year; Japan typically sees zero.
    Given the way police are now responding to people complaining about this violence, I see very little chance of improvement soon. This is going to take generations.

    1. In New Zealand, police are normally unarmed. It is true that we have an ‘Armed Offender Squad’ that is sent to places where shooting, etc, is going on – but it is rare that they need to be called out. Recently there has been some talk on the part of the government about arming police, but the public outcry has been loud against this.

      I remember travelling to the States in 2005, going through the airport – and there was this policeman just sitting a desk with pistols in holsters (I think he had one on each side – don’t clearly remember). There was no sign of trouble or anything. It rather took my breath away. I am originally from the US, but my first job out of University was here, in 1973, so I have never lived there as an adult. I suppose I just took it for granted when I lived there.

  3. The United States is on its way to produce the “Good Germans”. Despite Mark and his kind, I predict that the results in November will be no different than the last time “Good Germans” showed up in history.

    43% of Americans support him, and that’s much more than the 33% of the “Good Germans” that supported the last guy that needed re-election then.

    Oh, and the American Catholic Church is also chugging along fine with the same script as last time. Expect the same abortion and non-negotiable evils thunder in November, having learned nothing from playing “Good Germans” against communists

  4. We have heard for so long from “conservatives” that character matters n the president. Yet these self-same “conservatives “ embraced a person who lies, is a serial adulterer, is misogynistic, a racist/xenophobe, narcissist, wannabe “strongman”, threatening to use the military to quash an “insurrection, and who appears to have lie in terms of cognitive ability. And we wonder why he, trump, struts like a peacock, shamelessly uses a church and the Bible as a prop. One need only look at history to see that his presidency can have a terrible outcome for all of us.

  5. The partisan hackers is your outrage. The trump gad Lafayette Park cleared, including an Episcopal priest using tear gas and rubber bullets, all for the sake of a photo op. The Bible, Churches are not political props. Maybe a review of the message of Jesus might be useful – you know the whole peace concept. Turning the other check and all that.

    1. You are the one who claimed what mark wrote was partisan hackery. I grow weary of the bothsides do it. I do not condone the the large groups as both my wife and I are part of a vulnerable population. I do understand the rage -let’s see minority groups are suffering disproportionately from COVID 19; the are suffering the economic problems disproportionately; they have less access to health care; they are disproportionately represented in the essential, non-medicAl area and they watched police in Minneapolis kill a Black man. Damn, if you can’t grasp why they are enraged I pity you. By the way the agenda they are pushing us equality a rather modern concept.Catholic

    2. The deaf ear you turn to the cries of desperate people is of a piece with the blind eye with which you look upon oppression and hypocritically *always* find a way to side with the oppressor and accuse the oppressed.

    3. You are the only person who says that and you lie to put those words in my mouth. As is typical of your Cult, all it took was a civil rights protest to finally get conservatives who were screaming that COVID is a hoax and that their rights to invade state houses with guns were being infringed to suddenly be filled with passionate outrage over the spread of COVID.

    4. Comparing civil rights protests to concentration camps is a new low, even for you. I’m going to let this post stand, just so Normals can spit on it and give it all the contempt it deserves.

    1. Full of shit, as usual. There’s plenty of anxiety about COVID spikes from the protests and dismay over the violence and destruction. Rather there’s sympathy for the protester’s outrage.

      You hear what you want to hear.

    2. Hey, what happened, Dave? You were on a roll! Let’s see. First we had Up-is-Downism: “It’s not about race.” Next the old False Equivalence served up with Concern and a dollop of Piety: “Whatabout the injustice of the media treating people protesting police brutality differently than people whining that they can’t get their roots done! I’m afraid a society weaned on only seeing human suffering when convenient is just the kind that will run into this type of dilemma.”

      I thought by this time you’d have rolled out “All Lives Matter”! But maybe I missed it.

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