When You Have Goals, But No Principles

You scream that you need guns so can fight the government when it oppresses you–and then scream for a military crackdown on innocent brown people protesting cold-blooded acts of murder by the state.

You scream about “fake news” and then you defend a torrent of lies from your God King because they “own the libs”.

You strain at gnats and swallow camels:

Image may contain: 1 person, meme, text that says 'So, you were outraged for eight years because of 4 dead people in Benghazi fb.com/ SickOfTheSlant fT but 100, 000 deaths due to Trump's negligence is totally acceptable?'
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You lecture desperate refugees that “rules are rules” is sufficient justification for ripping children from their arms and disappearing them while saying that the President does not have to obey the law.

You routinely contradict yourself:

You proclaim yourself “prolife” while also proclaiming “People die, Get over it!” when the state asks you to wear a mask you find inconvenient.

Feel free to add more “Goals, not principles” observations about the MAGA antichrist cult in the comboxes.


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  1. You freak out about dystopian “death panels” (i.e., thoughtful conversations about appropriate and compassionate end-of-life care), insisting that no one could vote for a monster who thought such a thing might be appropriate. Three presidential elections later, you say, “Everybody in a nursing home is about to kick the bucket anyway. Why should we upend society just to give them a few more months of their sad existence?”

  2. I’m pro life, but if you have to die because I want a sammich, well, stay inside.

    Jesus died so that I wouldn’t have to sell cakes to homos.

    Freedom of religion is for me, the freedom to follow my religion is for you. Maybe.

    I have a right to personal autonomy, not the autonomy that’s dictated by the gummint. And just like that, I have become pro choice. Except for you, lady. You have no personal autonomy. The government owns you.

    Freedom of religion is for me, and I will pass laws so that you know freedom of religion is not for you.

    You’re such a whining liberal snowflake, says that man who can’t go out to my a sandwich without being able to take 100 people in five minutes.

    When did ‘a well regulated militia” become the right to own as many guns of whatever type any nutcase wishes? Those school kids are not gonna kill themselves.

    They GAYS are coming!!!!

    1. Ben, your first sentence had me laughing all day!

      Fyi I went back to Mass this week. A family of four sitting a few distanced rows in front of me were wearing their masks on their chins. When the pastors reminded congregants that masks are mandatory and proper use, one of the teen daughters adjusted her mask appropriately. Her father reached over and pulled it down. No surprise, a virulently ‘prolife’ family (I heard that they were invited not to return until they’ve made peace with wearing a mask – we’ll see.)

    2. I read the Dispatches from the Culture Wars on the atheist section of Patheos to see what’s out there. While he occasionally goes off the deep end regarding religion, he is a useful source for the mutterings of the Franklin Grahams, the Hannitys, and even more far, far right loonies. Ben’s listings aren’t funny. There are people out there on the radio, TV, certain churches, youtube and other places, and even get White House press credentials, that spout not only the above, but actively call for Democrats to be arrested, tortured and executed for treason, consider COVID to be a hoax, say Pizzagate and Obamagate are real, and even more outlandish garbage that those people and their listeners BELIEVE! Yet supposedly serious conservatives (like Rod Dreher) obsess about things like “wokeness” (don’t ask me what that means, but it’s really a big thing on his blog), some left idiots doing stupid things, and thinking that Christianity will be banned because of some nutty far left mutterings. Yet he and other so-called rational conservatives don’t mention any of the loony bin stuff on the far right. The loony far left stuff isn’t touched or believed by Democrats or those influential in the party. But the loony far right stuff is spouted on a daily basis by the President of the U.S.! and his sycophant Cabinet and enablers.

      1. The substance of Ben’s comment is dead serious, I’m well aware, but he does have a way with words that I appreciate, which I think he knows already.

      2. Linda, I also understand Ben’s comments. 🙂 The point I wanted to make and didn’t make clearly was that what Ben said is “only” the tip of the iceberg of far right beliefs. There are others much, much more insane, and in many instances that insanity is spread to thousands (millions) of people, a good number of whom readily believe them – especially the lies told by Graham (and other evangelicals), Limbaugh, Hannity, and sadly the President (Obamagate, Joe murdered an intern, etc.).

  3. I am a Canadian, so I probably have no right to comment in any way, but of course I am going to comment anyway. For a few years now, and especially since this pandemic, I have thought that America has been in a malignant, co-dependent relationship with its president. What is going on south of the border has all the hallmarks of a nasty, psychologically manipulative and abusive relationship between the president and his supporters and their understood-to-be collective enemy. It is like gaslighting on a national level. It is really, REALLY, unbelievable and hard to watch from up here in the Great White North. It’s like watching the fall of the Roman Empire 21st-century style. It’s like watching the Two Towers fall all over again – heart wrenching and sickening – only that was peanuts as to what is going on now in your nation with the enemy being your own selves. It is self-sabotage on the grandest of scales. Having survived and gotten out of an abusive relationship, I know one thing. The president’s supporters and toadies will not leave if you tell them too, nor if you do all within your power to convince them rationally, nor if you heap on sarcasm and ridicule. In fact, those things will only strengthen their support. The only thing that can make someone walk away from an abusive relationship is finding themselves at the bottom of that deep barrel and suddenly realizing that it was all a sham, that they’ve been betrayed and used all along, that there is no place to go now but out. It’s a long haul and requires perseverance and courage to admit that you were part of the mess. God help America. It’s going to be difficult to watch.

    1. Jennifer, I can only image what we look like from the outside (actually, I have several European friends who share quite openly, so I can more than imagine). We’ve learned the hard way that our system of checks and balances is utterly dependent on the personal integrity of our elected officials. Unless there is a sea change in both Congress and the White House, I don’t see the United States recovering the trust of our allies. And I’d advise allies to stay away. The unfortunate truth is that the moral decline our leaders reflects the moral decline of our citizenry. It’s worse than it appears.

  4. “Of course we have the right to kill criminals, God ordered the Jews to kill the (men, women and children) Canaanites!”

    -President of Crusade for Life, and teacher of catechism

    “He has a beautiful family”

    -Frank Pavone, Catholic priest, on a thrice “married” man with multiple children from multiple women

    “Shithole countries!”

    -The National Catholic Register,”Gasp–you’re fired for using unseemly words on your personal Facebook account!”

    “Catholic women need to practice modesty!”

    -“Let’s vote for the guy who is sorry he banged porn stars, but says he’s not sorry about anything, and certainly not to God!”

    “They are rapists and bringing diseases to our country!”

    -“It will all vanish, like a MIRACLE!”

  5. I still just want to know how many abortions Trump has paid for.

    Howard Stern asked him that, years ago, and Trump just gave a smile.

    1. Well, you’ve found one category in which trump has done ‘more than any other president.’

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