I have spent 10 1/2 hours….

…trying to get $3000 sent to a friend in the Gambia so that a 3 month old baby can get the life and death surgery he needs.

No mortal power has been able to budge the world financial system to let me do that.

Tomorrow morning, I will try again.

And that is why I wrote nothing today.

And likely nothing tomorrow.

Please pray I succeed. And pray for baby Abraham.


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  1. What is holding it up? Lack of banking at the destination or something? Usually it’s not that hard to wire money, unless there are weird legal or international sanction type things going on.

    If the banks won’t budge, you have other options. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are peer to peer and don’t use banks at all. The Gambia is heavily Muslim I believe. That being the case, hawala might be your best bet. No actual money changes hands or goes through any banking system. Basically you find a Muslim guy in that business around you and give him the money, plus a small fee. He calls a guy in the Gambia in the same racket. He pays it out to your African friends when they give the dealer the right code. No money actually crosses a border. It’s all just recorded debits and credits and an honor system that works remarkably well.

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