If you want to be a writer like me, you must first learn the alphabet


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  1. Being Canadian, of course we love all things Barenaked Ladies, but this particular song is one of my grandsons’ favourites along with the popcorn song. LOL!

  2. Twenty-plus years ago a Canadian friend loaned me a mixtape CD of BNL (who’d already had some airplay with “One Week” although this was years before they made it big with the theme song for “Big Bang Theory”).
    Partner found it in my work satchel and I had much ‘splainin’ to do as to why I had a CD-Rom with “BARE NAKED LADIES” (and nothing else) handwritten on the cover.
    I am not the world’s most PC person but still find it baffling why they painted a target on their backs like that. Apparently in the mid-2000s they were blocked from playing at a public stadium in Toronto years back because their name was deemed triggering. Will BNL be next to follow the D*x*e Ch*cks, La*y Ant*bel*um and KFC into a name change with the old one being memory-holed?

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