Two Opportunities to Perform Vital Works of Mercy!

Meet Nakayiza Hadijah. 

She lives in a small village in Uganda with her daughter and grandchildren and is 47 years. old.  She requires heart surgery as you can see from the diagnosis below. 


Before her heart condition set in, she had been selling cassava in the market to feed her family. She has no husband, She is father, mother, and grandmother to her family. Now she can’t work to feed her family and has lived on heart medicine for several years.  The trouble is that the medicine is  no longer sufficient.  She needs heart surgery to recover and get her life back.

The good news is that nearly half the $13,000 USD necessary for her surgery has already been raised.  The bad news is that the clock is ticking on her surgery and we still need to raise the remaining $7000.

So we turn to you and your amazing generosity to help save this good woman’s life, give her back to her family healed, and give her life back to her so that she can continue to provide for her family and have a future and a hope of a life without chronic pain.  She has been awaiting surgery since September 2020.  I am asking you guys to see to it that she does not have to wait one more week. Please donate generously here and save a life!


This is my friend Modou Fofana. 

He is a young man who lives with his younger siblings and grandmother in a small village in the Gambia, a dirt poor country on the west coast of Africa. He is determined to better himself.  How determined?  A couple of years ago his mud house melted in the rain, so he went out and got the material to make his own bricks by hand to rebuild his own house.

But it doesn’t stop there.  He wants a university education so he can do work in the medical field.  Back in February, many of you amazing people generously helped him get into school where he has been diligently studying away for the past year, prepping to go to University and study nursing. He got his grades (which I have seen) and they are good! So now he’s applying for university.

The good news is that university is astonishingly inexpensive in the Gambia: about $1100 USD for the whole year.

The bad news is that a thousand bucks for Modou is like trying to purchase a family space shuttle.

So I am hoping we can all pitch in and get this ambitious and energetic kid to college.  If just a few people pitch in at this GoFundMe link, we can get this done lickety-split.  He needs to enroll by January 8, so time is of the essence!  Please be as generous as you can and help a promising young man get the education he deserves!


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  1. How did these initiatives turn out, Mark. Praying that these friends were able to receive the help they needed. I wish I could donate, but the Covid has left my finances in shambles. God bless you for organizing this.

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