The Four Senses of Scripture: The Anagogical Sense

Over at The Catholic Weekly, we finish up the discussion of the Four Senses of Scripture with a look at the Anagogical Sense, which pertains to our destiny in Christ:

The last of the Four Senses of Scripture highlights the Catholic genius for taking common sense ideas and wrapping them in obscure terminology.

The word “anagogical” does not come trippingly to the tongue. Nobody says, “Whoa! Check out that sweet TARDIS!  So anagogical!” or “Wasn’t that cute like baby just so anagogical at his baptism this morning?”

So what does “Anagogical Sense” mean?  It means that sense of Scripture pertaining to our destiny in Christ.

Salvation has a point.  Jesus is the Way, but Ways go somewhere.  When you walk in the Way, you are on a journey and a journey has a destination.  The Christian journey ends with the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.  The Anagogical Sense of Scripture pertains to these things.

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