The Implications are Cosmic

As we saw, the Christians at Corinth somehow seemed to have accepted the idea that Jesus was raised from the dead but found it incredible to believe we could be likewise raised in a glorified body.

Over at The Catholic Weekly, we continue our look at the meaning of the Resurrection for us and for the whole universe.


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  1. I am very very disappointed that it is now near to impossible to read many of your posts without spending money to subscribe to The Catholic Weekly. As a senior on old age pension, I just cannot afford to keep adding charges, however small, to my use of the Internet – even small charges can add up to a large amount when there are several of them. However, there is just a limited amount of money left after paying for rent, food, phone and internet connections.

    1. I would like to see a sociological study about the degree to which internet paywalling has contributed to the rise of political extremism. After all, reliable journalism is usually paywalled (Washington Post, The Economist, many others) while egregious propaganda is free to everybody (The Epoch Times, Breitbart, etc.).

    2. Yes. Alas, you can’t just pay to read a particular article. The subscription isn’t expensive – A$32.50 – but I know I wouldn’t have time to read most of the stuff, and don’t need to get on yet another e-mail list.

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