The True Beauty of Justice

Over at The Catholic Weekly, I write:

I am willing to bet any amount of money that nobody going before the bar, nor anybody running for judge here in the US or appointed to the bench in Australia is ever going to give their legal competence bona fides by declaring, “As one who rules over men in justice, I am like the morning light at sunrise on a cloudless morning, making the greensward sparkle after rain.”

Yet this is, among many other biblical passages, exactly how the Just Judge is described (in 2 Samuel 23:3-4), and it is worth digging into that striking description in order to try to get at what Scripture means when it talks about Justice.

Much more here.


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  1. Yet another of your posts I can’t afford to read…It is very frustrating to get a tantalizing bit of introduction to a post destined to another group of people, and being unable to get the content. As I said before, there are a number of people, like myself, who cannot afford to pay for innumerable subscriptions… Each of them might be a small amount, but they add up, specially for people on limited income (such as retired people, who have the time to read, and enjoy, all of this).

    1. I assume you know that Mark writes books. You probably also know that those books, while of good quality, are not bestsellers. So you might be surprised how little Mark gets paid for writing them.

      So he needs other gigs. Like writing for The Catholic Weekly. Which, again, doesn’t pay that much, but when combined with the books and a few other speaking and writing gigs it means Mark can make a living.

      The Catholic Weekly, for their part, also have bills to pay, which is why you see ads on their site, and why they paywall most of their content. They are hardly unusual in this.

      I regard the paywalling of much of the internet as a defect in capitalism, though I confess to not knowing what a practical solution would look like.

      – joel

      1. A practical solution would be syndication where you subscribe once and they pay out fees to sites that you want to browse.
        It would be more expensive than any single subscription, but less expensive than having many subscriptions.

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