Casey Cole, OFM, on the Alleged “Confusion” of Pope Francis

I’m a fan of both Cole and Francis. One reason I like Cole is that he has far more patience than I do with critics of Francis. I find the charge that he is “confusing” to be barely tolerable, since the guy has always been an open book to me and I can sum up everything he has to say in the words, “He has preached good news to the poor.” So the enemies who endlessly drone “CONFUSION!” in order to drown him out typically induce tooth-grinding exasperation in me since it is so painfully obvious that they just don’t want to hear what he says.

But, since at least some of that deafness is engendered by a deep and ungoverable fear that makes his critics unable to hear him, I am grateful the patient people like Cole exist to make videos like this one:


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  1. The most puzzling part of the ”confusion” caused by the Pope is that it seems to only afflict the others in the flock. Without failure, it never ever afflicts the critics of the pope, who are blessed with total clarity. This must be caused by a special charism that not only elevates them to a position high above us simpletons, but also gives them the gift of perfect insight. That, or they are the (crooked) evangelical salesmen described by Joel in an earlier post, but dressed in fancier garb.

    My bet is on Joel..

  2. I have a kid that constantly grapples with his Catholic faith. One day he’s in the confessional, the next day he’s at mass, a month later he’s saying “all religions are the same.” (A mention of Jesus shuts him up.)

    Things have gotten much better though. The catholic crazies have behaved so over-the-top mean, petty, and greedy that he stated last week, “so-and-so must be in league with the devil…” (so-and-so goes to daily mass.) I consider that a win because five years ago he insisted that the devil doesn’t exist.

    The anti-evangelization of the wingnuts has ceased to be a deterrent to his faith, because he is no longer afraid of them, their fervent faith, and their sock puppet god. He feels sorry for them.

  3. I have never found Pope Francis confusing. So glad you posted this. Fr. Casey Cole is spot on. I also appreciated that he called out some of the key players in this nonsense by name.

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