“Globalist” is Code for “Jew”

So whenever members of the Right Wing Lie Machine attack Ukraine and charge them with being “globalists” like this whack job Francis-hating Archbishop and his Liesite platform or this ignorant grifter:

…what they mean is “The Jewish cabal is trying to take over the world”.

The weird thing about right wing post-Hitler anti-semitism is the pretzels into which it must twist itself in order to dish out the Jew-hating code language while denying it is doing that. Owens, for instance, once famously tried to to defend Nationalism by saying “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well — OK, fine.” When it dawned on here empty head that she was saying the pogroms and concentration camps before the war were all awesome, she followed it up by explaining that “The problem is he had dreams outside of Germany,” she continued. “He wanted to globalize. He wanted everybody to be German.”

She then stupidly added, “Nationalism is sort of conflated with, for some reason, Hitler. That’s really, really wrong and we that we have to almost correct the record on that.”

Yeah. That’s the ticket. The Fuehrer whose National Socialist regime dominated Germany and whose entire thing was the superiority of the German nation over all nations was not a nationalist. And the real culprit was “globalists”, in other words, the people National Socialism sought to exterminate. That is some Olympic class mental gymnastics right there, but it is absolute standard operating procedure for the MAGA People of the Lie, who forever use accusation as their preferred form of confession. And it is the same filth their paymaster, Putin the Wolf, uses to lie that Ukraine, whose president is Jewish, needs to be “de-Nazified”.

Nor is the only way in which this weird cult of anti-semites gets away with their anti-semitism. Matt Lieb explains adroitly here:

Meanwhile as the Cult continues its descent into anti-semitic madness, these guys are doing a mitzvah because they are mensches:

These two remarkable young men , Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein, are students at Harvard, in just three days they have developed and launched the website https://www.ukrainetakeshelter.com/, a website in 12 languages where Ukrainian refugees fleeing war can immediately find hosts with free rooms, apartments unused in resorts, big or small cities or school dorms.

Pass this information to other Ukrainians, who are now in European countries and not only, but also to those who would like to be a host to these people in need.


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  1. So before I read this message, I had never heard of Candace Owens, and now I’m sorry that I have. It appears she’s just one of an enormous number of stupid people trying to be clever, who somehow amass a following and a sense of importance.

    But the point about veiled anti-Semitism is valid. In the Soviet regime, the phrase was “rootless Cosmopolitan” — which either meant Jews as a group or could be applied to an individual. The tropes change, the reality doesn’t.

  2. Candace Owens – another of the Fox News crowd that is full of hateful opinion but devoid of intellect.

    1. No. Owens is a performance artist. She has recognized that being an outspokenly conservative black commentator can be lucrative, and she is taking full advantage. Do you remember Diamond and Silk from a few years ago? Same thing. They, like Owens, were supportive of liberal causes until making a sudden and highly profitable market pivot. Their message may be devoid of intellect, but they themselves are smart enough to exploit a profitable niche.

      – joel

  3. So Owens and her ilk use their cunning to advance themselves in support of wicked ideas (like stirring up the hatred of Jews, or praising Putin and reviling Zelenskyy.)

    I supposed that she was stupid because the texts are stupid in grammar and thought process as well as content. But maybe there’s no contradiction.

  4. Actually, Hitler believed that race transcended nation and the latter would become irrelevant. This is a critical difference between Nazism and Fascism. Mussolini actually toyed with the idea of hybrid vigor as opposed to purity of race. MAGAs should leave the token schvartzes like Diamond & Silk in the hood.

  5. The same cabal of geniuses who play on the idea that Ukraine is a vast Jewish conspiracy also label it a “Nazi regime.”
    Because Nazis always aspired to put Jews in the presidency of countries…..

    Dumb as a hill of manure, these people.

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