I wrote a piece on healthy vs. diseased patriotism

…for the Fourth. Here it is, in US Catholic:

With some people, patriotism has fallen on hard times. A man I know summed up the view of many when he declared unequivocally that patriotism simply cannot be squared with the Christian faith at all. In his view, all patriotism is idolatry, and Christians are morally bound to abjure it as they would the worship of Moloch. Frequently, this belief is a reaction to the fact that others laud as “patriotism” what is actually nationalism.

Clearly, nationalism is incompatible with Catholic teaching. Nationalism is not love of country but hatred of all other countries. It is motivated by the demonic sin of pride, which entails enmity both to neighbor and to God. The sin of pride can never be squared with the Christian faith. 

But what about patriotism? How can one pursue it in a healthy manner without it becoming a form of idolatry or nationalism?

Much more here! Happy Fourth of July!


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