My friend Julie Nichols-Neuenschwander found herself doing something she never thought she’d do…

And she wrote this because she is not going to take it anymore and hope other Christians will follow suit:

Op-Ed: Catholic Republican to Catholic Democrat, which is more pro-life?

Today I did something I thought I would never do. I officially changed my party affiliation to Democrat by voting in my first Democratic primary.

When I did, I was asked, “Julie, how can you be a Catholic and do such a thing?”

It’s for the same reason 60 percent of the American Catholic Church, 76 percent of Hispanic Catholics/other Christians, and 95% percent of Black Catholics/other Christians are Democrats and never vote Republican – because I believe, especially at this point, the current “Trumpified” GOP abuses take more lives than an abortion rate which has declined steadily over the last 50 years.

I am also changing my party affiliation because I believe the right-wing of the Republican party has taken 15 to 20 Bible verses that talk about women being quiet, sexuality, and allowing women to make choices, and they have waged war on the poor and the disenfranchised who are supported and defended by 2,000 Bible verses and Catholic Social Teaching.

So, let’s look at the moral examination of conscience I went through to come to this conclusion. And no, I did not obtain my information from liberal media but by watching all of this unfold over the last five years. I had these facts checked by several mainstream experts in political science.

It’s possible to end abortion without resorting to the actions of Jan. 6 – in other words, without backing Trump.

We can achieve that same outcome without destroying the lives of the mothers in poverty who carry the unborn babies; without destroying lives at the border and ripping children away from their parents; and without withholding health care for decades from vulnerable people.

We don’t have to withhold maternity and family medical leave, flippantly handle COVID in a way that results in a million American deaths or spread deadly conspiracy theories and misinformation through right-winged media.

We can see the end of abortion without destroying the environment; without increasing gun violence by dissolving reasonable gun restrictions; without harming our education system resulting in harming children; and without deliberately fighting against scientific and historical facts resulting in harm and death.

Being pro-life does not require withholding a living wage, elevating racism to dangerous levels,  increasing the death penalty, or destroying the lives of the disabled, LBGTQ people, and their families. It doesn’t necessitate – in fact, it cries against — deliberately trying to euthanize transgender/gender dysphoric children.

Ending abortion does not mean wreaking the witness of the Church via Trumpism, without destroying our democracy, or demonizing anyone who is unlike most Americans and most Christians/Catholics in the country. If being pro-life – as the GOP has defined it – didn’t mean abusing people into voting for all of these evils collectively in place of fruitlessly ending abortion, then I might listen.

But the truth is, the abortion rate increased from 2018 to 2021.

See, the hard-political white right married to parts of the American white Church has proven over 50 years of power that they cannot abolish abortion without destroying and dehumanizing everyone else but their kind.

And in addition, the hard-right calls the basic Common Good of society socialism and communism. This is why I’m a Democrat now, why I attend a Hispanic Catholic Church which is more Democrat than Republican, and why I am wholistically pro-life, not just pro-birth.

You can go here to read more of her work and others like her.

It is long past time serious Christians decoupled from the MAGA antichrist death cult.


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  1. From her lips to the so-called “pro-life” bishops who are STILL aiding and abetting Trump and Trump’s Pets. And having 6, 6!, catholics (deliberately small case) Supreme Court justices aiding and abetting Trump and his ilk have stripped the SC’s integrity and independence as well. And then they wonder why people despise religion. They are hurting the Church far more than Pelosi ever could.

  2. I shook the Republican dust from my sandals because of the Bush wars. It took me a while to to make the switch official. I think It was around “you grab ’em by the pussy.”

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