The Stupidity of Facebook Algorithms

So for several years, FB has thrown me in jail over dumbass stuff. Here’s an utterly typical example. I was going to post this with the comment, “WHERE’S MY IMPROVED 5G? I CAN’T EVEN HEAR BILL GATES’ MENTAL COMMANDS THROUGH MY FILLINGS!”:

For *this* I am now blocked from posting on Facebook for a *month* because the idiot algorithms can’t tell the difference between mocking the lunacy of anti-vax nonsense and promotion of it.

This is of a piece with the moment where I drily explained the idiotic logic of this tweet…

…to a friend who could not believe what she was seeing:

Not to mention the horrific “Valentine Joke as old as the hills” profile pic:

And, of course, the previous idiotic jailing for heinous posts such as “joking with a friend about the rush to get COVID boosters” and the unforgivable observation that the “prolife” movement is a heresy:

Moral: FB algorithms are stunningly stupid and would not know a joke or satire if it bit them on their virtual noses.

Now, here’s the thing, I load stuff in my blog weeks ahead of time so I have space in my day and week to write big projects. Meanwhile, FB is my principal way of driving readers to my blog. Now that’s all blown to hell for a month. So instead of wasting time publishing a ton of work nobody will see, I’m going to publish one piece a week till I’m out of jail on November 11 (or sooner if I can prevail on a real human at Facebook to let me back on). It will run every Monday, starting next Monday.



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  1. People complain about FB, but they always, always go crawling back for more.

    FB doesn’t care what it does to you or if you like it because you’re not the customer. You’re the product. You are not the farmer, but rather the cattle who are queuing into a line from which no other cattle ever seem to return.

  2. Sorry to hear about the suspension.

    I have to suggest you adapt your postings to the Facebook algorithms, because I doubt Facebook will be able to improve their algorithms significantly anytime soon.

    Humor is very human, and even humans can be unreliable at detecting it, especially satire, and even more especially in print instead of delivered face to face where we can give tonal and non-verbal cues.

  3. I got dinged one night for sharing a post to a local writers’ group about publishing romance novels. It was perfectly fine, except the thumbnail pic was a bunch of novel covers, which the robot read as p*rnographic…..

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