A discussion with a conservative Evangelical

Over on the Book of Face, a conservative Evangelical who often tries to talk sense to his readers about the sanity of getting vaxed and observing common sense about public health offered a comment on this old tweet of Biden’s: Saith he: Oh, really… I think you’ve both dropped the ball. When challenged on this […]

Arguing about Paul

Over on the Book of Face, I happened on an article about St. Paul, who happens to be a fave of mine. In the course of the discussion, somebody made a characteristically postmodern remark about him. I say “characteristically postmodern” because it exhibits the curious inability folk in our time have for being able to […]

Encounter with the Mean Girl Magisterium

Apostle Bible Rome  - Tama66 / Pixabay

Over on the Book of Face, somebody responded to what I wrote to “Doug” about his terrible argument for pitting the unborn against all the people his Trump worshipping “prolife” cult wants to rob, harm, and kill (see yesterday’s post): I just love how you always think you know better than the magisterium of the […]

Facebook’s Idiot Algorithms Strike Again

Incredibly, because I mocked Trump’s lies, FB blocked me for publishing information that could endanger people lives with COVID infection: namely, Trump’s lie that COVID was a hoax. I’ll be back on FB on August 1. Dumb, stupid Facebook.