Speaking of Crappy Christian Movies and EAT YOUR SPINACH! Advertising

The current movie you MUST SEE IF YOU ARE ANY KIND OF *REAL* CHRISTIAN is SOUND OF FREEDOM starring QANON Jesus Jim Caviezel in which, as every QANON fantasist dreams of doing, he plays a guy who has made a name for himself telling QANON suckers that he is a hero Saving the Children from the clutches of human traffickers.

This trope is so enormously popular with the weirdos who fall for junk like Pizzagate and repeat the Blood Libel that Jews drink the blood of children (i.e. “East Coast liberals funded by George Soros are kidnapping children to harvest adenochrome from their blood“) that they immediately deployed their massive talent for being so wrong about so much so many times for so long in the promotion of this film by means of the standard guilt manipulation tactics.

Meanwhile, people who actually work saving children from human trafficking are sounding the warning bells about these grifters:

When the most consistently wrong people in the entire US unite as one to tell you that you have to support the narcissistic vengeance fantasies of the QANON cult’s star kook and the grifters who are profiting from it, run the other way. You are under no such obligation at all.

Oh, and by the way, you are also under no obligation to be guilted and manipulated by QANON hogwash like this:

Does any normal, rational person seriously believe that “the Media” support human trafficking of children and are enraged that somebody would oppose it? Seriously? No. The only people that believe or spread such lies are the narcissists in the QANON cult, who sole export is self-pitying hero fantasies/conspiracy theories starring themselves.

That’s the thing about MAGA propaganda. Like the Cult itself, it is incapable of empathy for anybody who is not a member of the Cult or an immediate extension of his ego. So stories that center the victims of MAGA racism are all “woke” and need to be silenced. Only stories that fulfill the Hero and White Savior fantasies of the MAGA cult are permissible. And, of course, stories that feed the paranoid sense of victimhood by Dark Shadowy Conspiracies led by (((You Know Who))) are becoming more and more popular both with Reactionary Catholics and with the White Nationalist with whom they have stupidly chosen to make common cause.

Here is who this whole marketing strategy is appealing to: People like Klanned Karenhood who reflexively make a distinction between “Americans” (=Good White Christians) and “Jews”:

That is why you should not let yourself be cowed by the “IF YOU DON’T CHEER FOR QANON JESUS’ HUMAN TRAFFICKING MOVIE YOU ARE AN ALLY OF HUMAN TRAFFICKERS!!!!” guilt manipulation crap. Caviezel, in the tweet above, says the quiet part out loud and repeats the hoary blood libel used against Jews for centuries, but now repackaged as (((global elites))) and similar code language for (((You Know Who))) harvesting blood from children to make the bullshit wonder chemical “adenochrome”. Same lies, new packaging. Stop cringing before these lying bullies and push back.


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  1. All true. I really hadn’t heard of Tim Ballard till this movie started making the rounds, but from what little I have read since, it seems that AT BEST his credibility is questionable.

    That said, I’ve heard (from folks who are not QAnon devotees or MAGA disciples) that it is actually a pretty good movie. I might watch it some day, but I am one of those weirdos who is perfectly capable of watching a movie as a piece of fiction. The Tim Ballard of reality is probably very different than the Tim Ballard of the movie.

    Much like: I sincerely believe Ed and Lorraine Warren were a couple of con artists and kooks. But THE CONJURING is still a pretty good movie. It’s fiction. Take it no more seriously than that.

  2. Exactly right.
    Saw the Dial of Destiny on Sunday; there was a trailer for a forthcoming action film with Denzel Washington. I believe the gist is, that the hero is going to single-handedly fight against entrenched Mafia in a little Italian town where folks have been nice to him.
    It will probably be a good action film. It’s certainly not a documentary about the Mafia, or about Italy.

  3. When it comes to movies “based on true story,” you gotta keep in mind that Hollywood has preferred drama over fact for almost a hundred years “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

    REMEMBER THE TITANS is a fun movie, and let no one say a bad word against Denzel Washington in my presence. But it’s fiction. The real story behind the movie is a lot more … well, complicated. That’s a fact. It doesn’t mean REMEMBER THE TITANS still isn’t a good movie.

    Spartacus was a real person. SPARTACUS by Trumbo and Kubrick is a classic fiction and a great piece of art with little resemblance to the actual facts. It doesn’t prevent the movie from being a great piece of drama. Same thing with most of the great historic epics of the ’50 and ’60s.

    And BRAVEHEART. Come on, folks. William Wallace, the Edwards, Robert the Bruce … all real people. But the movie is a complete fantasy from beginning to end, not only in terms of plot but in terms of costuming, language, etc. But BRAVEHEART remains a great drama.

    TOMBSTONE? Great movie based on historic facts. But is it good history? No. And anyone who thinks it is … ? Well, maybe we should have us a spellin’ contest.

    So I have no beef with anyone who enjoys SOUND OF FREEDOM as a movie. Lots of reviewers I trust have said it’s a really good (if not perfect) movie, and I’m fine with that. I’ll probably watch it some day. The danger here is that people who are unable, unwilling, or downright deceptive about the movie. Enjoy it as a thriller. Accept it as gospel? No thanks.

    1. Agreed. But nobody weaponizes TOMBSTONE or BRAVEHEART to excommunicate vast swaths of people from the human race as monstrous supporters of human trafficking if they don’t care for a movie or fall for an advertising campaign that is a mixture of QANON/MAGA bullshit, culture war, and grifting.

  4. Agreed. Too bad Eye of the Tiber seems to have stopped updating. I’d love to see a story with the latest Bishop in need of headlines mandating that the faithful watch TOMBSTONE. Hey, the movie does have nuns. It qualifies, right?

  5. Adrenochrome?

    That alone is proof these people are blithering fools. It’s a medically useless compound, and even if the elite wanted to use it as some quack therapy, it it easily synthesized commercially. Trying to extract minuscule amounts from gland tissue hasn’t been a thing since like 1905.

    The closely related un-oxidized form of adrenochrome is carried by millions of people as the epi-pen. It can reverse a life threatening allergic reaction but it has no other rejuvenating properties and it too is made without Soros or kidnapped children.

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