With utter predictability, the MAGA/ANON culture warriors…

… showed up in my comboxes to declare that if I won’t eat my spinach and support a movie by QANON Jesus in which they fantasize about being White Saviors while trampling all over the actual work done by actual people actually fighting human trafficking, then I totally support child trafficking. Somehow, they all wound up in my trash folder. Matthew 7:16 and all that.

Let me break down for you how this all works in slow motion, so that when these people try their lying guilt manipulation on you, you have the tools to tell them where to get off.

First of all, some background:

The MAGA/ANON cult’s defining psychological characteristic is a radical lack of empathy for anybody who is not the cultist or an extension of his ego. This is why they worship Trump. He gave them complete permission to imitate him. All human suffering that is not experienced by the cultist or those who are extensions of his ego is either non-existent, contemptible, funny, or an attempt at guilt manipulation in MAGA world. (I will discuss this more in a future post.)

Conversely, those the MAGA cultist uses to build up his own ego by stooping down to save are treated as the sole beneficiaries of his (temporary and very provisional) largesse. So Trump promises to pay the legal bills of those who commit violence in his name (till he immediately welshes on that promise). Or he promises to buy breakfast for everybody in a diner for the cameras and then dashes without doing so. Indeed, Trump has lived an entire life of refusing to cover his debts, which his cult deeply admires and wishes to imitate.

Relatedly, the Cult has spent years brandishing the unborn as human shields to hide behind as they pursue their real goal of passionately defending nihilism, sexual assault,racism, power, cruelty and sociopathic narcissism, as we recently saw.

By absolutely no coincidence, the key to understanding the art (such as it is) of the MAGA cult of radical lack of empathy is that it reflects their capacity to feel pity only for themselves or those who are immediate extensions of their egos. So they hate stories that center the sufferings of people they don’t care about and denounce them as “woke”. You will not catch these people celebrating a film like KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, because that is a story that is actually about the victims of white oppression in the Native American community. But stories in which they can live out their own Hero or White Savior vengeance fantasies, all while indulging their racism or antisemitic paranoid fantasies of self pity? They love those. And if you don’t bow and scrape before those fantasies, they will instantly declare that you support human trafficking.

It’s a repetition of the same thing they have done for years with the unborn, deploying trafficked persons as human shields for their sociopathic narcissism just as they have long deployed the unborn for the same thing. Meanwhile, they give the game away by (as here) repackaging hoary antisemitic tropes like the Blood Libel (which claimed that Jews drank the blood of Christian children) by using coded languages about (((global elites))), (((George Soros))) and related (((bogeymen))) to do the same thing, only with the added sci-fi veneer of “adenochrome”.

They also play to the MAGA/QANON cult’s inveterate love of self-pity and Heroic Narcissism by pretending that the (((Vast Shadowy Conspiracy))) can only be objecting to the film because “the media” just love them their child trafficking. Here is the carefully constructed paranoid narrative being sold to the MAGA cult all over Facebook:

“Disney owned the rights to this film with no plan to release it. Angel studios bought the rights. Took it to Amazon, got turned down. Took it to Netflix, got turned down. Decided to pre-sell tickets and was able to get it in 2600 theaters and beat out Disney’s Indiana Jones on July 4th. The film is based on a true story. Truth > Fiction. Left leaning media is trying to slander it calling it a Qanon conspiracy while knowing it’s a true story.”


The 🅿️edophiles in media hate Sound of Freedom which should tell you everything you need to know about the movie.Seriously, I almost miss when these 🅿️edophiles and their enablers were all underground, but I guess it will make things easier when we decide to uninstall them.


So apparently a lot of AMC theaters in different states in the US are all experiencing the same issues with finding seats available online for Sound of Freedom, and they are saying that AMC has been shutting off their AC making the theater SO HOT and uncomfortable to sit through the movie.. Something is definitely going on I will tell you that, when you go online it looks like there are no seats available for all different show times tell me why when you actually show up there is a lot of empty seats available? Also there is rumors that they are trying to take this movie out of theaters. Not a single COMMERCIAL not one POLITICIAN or CELEBRITY has spoke out about this movie besides Mel Gibson and Elon Musk. If this doesn’t convince you even more by now that you need to go out and see this movie because they don’t want us to know the truth of this sick world I don’t know what will.


Beware of any news outlet, Hollywood production companies, actors & actresses, singers, politicians and people pretending to be human beings that oppose the movie”The Sound of Freedom”If someone is opposed to catching and indicting human traffickers, rapists and pedophiles or exposing them in this movie then they themselves are guilty as far as I’m concerned.We are at a precipice of good versus evil, and anyone, with a good moral compass must stand up, and applaud the takedown and arrests of these sick criminals.

You get the picture. To so much as question this film and the people who made it, their accuracy, or their motives is to out yourself as a satanic monster of pure EVIL who is doing all in your power to further the kidnapping and exploitation of our precious, precious children!!! Indeed, so evil are the (((people))) running the film industry that they overheat their own theaters just to drive people away from movies they mysteriously show instead of just, you know, not showing them. And that perversity goes even for people who have dedicated their lives to fighting human trafficking, such as the people profiled here:

“I’ve literally been on four different group texts about the damn movie,” says Erin Albright, an attorney who has worked in the anti-trafficking space for 15 years, including as a former fellow for the Department of Justice’s anti-trafficking task force. Albright says Sound of Freedom is “grounded in this sensational perspective of what child trafficking would be,” rather than reflecting its grim reality.

Yessirree. As I learned from my Inquisitors responding to yesterday’s post, even those who have spent years fighting human trafficking are secretly defenders of it if they question this movie.

If this sounds exactly like the tactics of the MAGA “prolife” cult declaring Consistent Life Ethic people to be “secret pro-aborts” while brandishing the unborn as human shields to declare all who disagree with them “babykillers”, that’s because it is.

Here’s reality: no normal person defends child trafficking. What they do is question the veracity and motives of the filmmakers and the Right Wing Lie Machine who are creating the umpteenth Panic du Jour aimed at smearing those they hate while, in fact, damaging the real efforts of people who have really been fighting the plague of human trafficking.

Which do you think is more likely: that anti-trafficking experts who have devoted years to fighting human trafficking are all secretly in league to protect child traffickers or that the promoters of a film starring a QANON kook and determined to make a profit from the most gullible people in the US might not be the most reliable sources of information? That the subculture which passionately insists the media, justice system, military, Congress, experts, teachers, doctors and nurses, state leaders were all lying to them and only Trump was telling the truth is to be trusted, or that people who have dedicated their lives to the struggle against human trafficking should be trusted?

It’s a question well worth asking since MAGA cultists have been on record deeply and passionately admiring men who commit rape and human trafficking and massive misogyny and get away with it. At this very hour, they are still taking their every lying word as gospel, because they tell them what their narcissistic ears want to hear. That’s why they passionately admire Donald “He’s God’s Anointed Just like King David” Trump and rapist/human trafficker Andrew Tate and accomplices like the massive misogynist and fired liar Tucker Carlson.

Then they go to movies where they get to fantasize about attacking human traffickers so they can also feel like righteous Christian action heroes. That’s why they think this interview is awesome while also running around telling everybody that if you don’t buy a ticket to SOUND OF FREEDOM you support child trafficking. The cognitive dissonance is deafening.

Rather than forever fall for Right Wing Panic du Jour and QANON antisemitic conspiracy rubbish, try supporting any or all of these organizations if you seek to fulfill the gospel imperative of setting the captive free:

  1. Nomi Network
  2. Reintegra
  3. Adaptive Ops
  4. Shared Hope
  5. International Justice Mission
  6. Polaris Project
  7. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  8. Logos Wilderness Therapy
  9. Deliver Fund
  10. Free the Slaves


7 Responses

  1. Another interesting piece of dissonance:

    Many of the Traditional Family Values Christians calling everyone “groomer” are the same ones fighting to make marriage to 12-year-olds legal.

  2. Even Trent Horn fell for this crap, citing a Bloomberg piece where the author is part of an organization that supports adults who have pedophilia, as in the disorder, but don’t molest kids.

    Right-wingers are like “if you go to see Mission: Impossible, you’re condoning Scientology and its abuses due to the money going to the star of M: I, Mr. Tom Cruise, but please, please, please go see Sound of Freedom. Never mind that Jim Caviezel has spouted QANON kool-aid because his new movie is faith-based and he’s a Catholic. Hollywood hates Christians, but has no problem with actors associated with weird sci-fi-y cults because they make movies that aren’t Christian-based, and are part of mainstream Hollywood.”

    It’s absurd.

    And people should be able to go see the latest Tom Cruise flick if they want to without getting judgemental sideways glances from others.
    When was the last time Cruise made a peep about Scientology while in the public eye doing his duties as an actor? 2016! And all he said was how long he has been part of Scientology and that “it’s a beautiful religion.”

    I don’t agree with him, but it’s not nearly as bad as Caviezel spewing antisemitic QANON nonsense. The Jews are our brethren and our forebearers in faith.

    At least Cruise has shifted to keeping his offset remarks about movies and helping keep the film industry going and not a word about that massive sci-fi scam he’s linked to.

  3. And thanks for the links to all these wonderful orgs. I already bookmarked the National Center’s website.

  4. It turns out the author of the Bloomberg piece was formerly associated with a pedophile advocacy group. The disgusting group seeks to prevent pedophiles from offending by normalizing their attractions and seeking “consensual” activity with minors. Yuck!

    But that’s only one outlet. It doesn’t scream “Hollywood and mainstream media” conspiracy.

  5. It turns out the author of the Bloomberg piece is also a freelance writer. Besides, Variety gave the movie a positive review.

    What a sweeping generalization to make: everyone who doesn’t approve of this movie is basically on the same side as the guy wrote the Bloomberg piece and loves the French film Cuties (2020) because it allegedly promoted the sexualization of pre-pubscent girls.

    That’s some very charitable thinking, Trent!

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