I am back from my just and wise Facebook Jail Sentence!

… and grateful to Mark Zuckerberg for my richly deserved punishment for having already been punished many time. He is the kindest, bravest, warmest most wonderful man I have ever known. Draconian month-long punishments for innocuous observations that The Austrian Citizen was untruthful are just and wise. I love Big Brother!

I emerge from my confinement a better man, a changed man, grateful for the incomparable leadership of President-for-Life Donald Trump and for the excellent prefrontal cortex shock treatment I was given at the Facility that helped me find my new purpose in life. I see now that I have been a very bad, very antisocial hooligan and troublemaker, returning ingratitude for the generosity of the greatest President, nay, Greatest Human Being, to ever walk the face of the earth. I promise I will try to be My Best Self from now on–serving Donald Trump, praising Donald Trump, loving Donald Trump with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Too small a payment for so great a Master as he. If only the Marxist, socialist Bergoglio cared as much about his job as the great Donald Trump cares about us all. I just hope Mr. Trump does not let his merciful nature get the best of him and keep him from locking up Sleepy Joe Biden and the rest of the Do Nothing Dems. #QANON4EVER!!!!!

Hail MAGA! The Party is Trump! Trump is America just as America is Trump! I love you, O Captain, my Captain!!!! *sob*


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