One Helluva Eulogy

One of the biggest lies of the Qatholic and Qhristian cult is that the gospel and the Bible are exclusively the property of right wing MAGA types and when a liberal quotes it he is committing an act of theft and usurpation. This man dynamited that lie yet again, as did the man he eulogized:

I rarely meet people on the Left, including atheists, who demand that I reject my faith. What I constantly meet on the Left are people who beg Christians to live their faith.


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    1. George W. and Barack Obama have made it a habit during the last few years of showing up together at events where Trump is explicitly not wanted. I like that.

  1. I rarely meet people on the Left, including atheists, who demand that I reject my faith. What I constantly meet on the Left are people who beg Christians to live their faith.

    I rarely meet people on the Left, including atheists, who demand that I reject my faith. What I constantly meet on the Left are people who beg Christians to live their faith.

    I rarely meet people on the Left, including atheists, who demand that I reject my faith. What I constantly meet on the Left are people who beg Christians to live their faith.

    I wrote it on the blackboard for you. It was my entire point from our discussion the other day.

      1. Did you get it before or after Ben stated that ”purely theological” opinions belong at home, while knitting, but should under no circumstance translate into political action?

      2. Of course, that isn’t what i said,

        Shat i said was that ourely theological concenrs— does god hate gay people as much as some christians, does god think aboirtion is murder, does god think thay divorce whould neber be allowed except when the church says it is, does god think 8mages of sa8nts ar3 graven images,+- have no place in the civil law that governs all of us.

      3. @Ben

        What does that mean Ben? I can’t imagine that US laws specifially mentions God as justification. The problem for you, I think, is not that laws specifically mention God, but that they have a religious motivation/background.

      4. @artevelde

        Sodomy laws. Nope. Nothing biblical in that. Not even a mention of god.

        Anti marriage laws: all predicated on the state position of What God Wants. god’s plan for the family. No need to mention god in the aCtual law.

        Every single advance in social equality for gay people has been opposed by you’ll never, ever guess whom? Religious people, holding their bibles, telling everyone that god does t want you to bake cakes for homos, god doesn’t want those perverts in the military because they will pervert gods plan for all of those manly, manly, heterosexual men who morally kill people.

        You speak with complete confidence from the point of view of a heterosexual and Christian man, who has never ever been taught from infancy that the finest part of himself, his ability to love and connect, is really just a perversion of the entire natural and social order, making human beings an enemy of god and everything good and holy. You’ve never been told to hide that part of yourself lest you get murdered, beaten, kicked out of your family, and condemn to a life of promiscuity, vice, and misery. And if you weren’t able to hide that part of yourself, you get murdered, beaten, and kicked out of your family anyway.

        This is the position of privilege and self entitlement that you’re arguing, not to mention the ignorance of simply being unable to put yourself in the shoes of any gay person, and see how lucky and fortunate you have been. Like so many Christians, at least those of a certain sort, you’re very happy to argue that your position is simply a result of your circumstances and the religion you were born into.

        Your religious bias is there. You simply confuse social reality of gay people with your religious beliefs, And blithely state that your religion has nothing to do with it.

  2. They have to know their faith before they can live it. But first they must be aware that they do not know their faith. I do not know my faith but at least I am aware of it and it helps me to lessen the damage I may do with my ignorance.

    1. AOC’s video pans to a whole shedload of statues. Her perfectly valid point is that all (or almost all) the statues are white and male, as if white men were the only people that mattered in US history. As far as I can see she touches on St Damien because his statue represents Hawaiian history, and she quite reasonably points out that it is odd that Hawaii is represented there by a white man. It’s obvious she doesn’t (or didn’t) know who St Damien was, but then I am willing to bet that none of the usual suspects of right wing blowhards now criticising her for this knew who he was either until looking him up after she posted it in order to pretend to be indignant at her “ignorance”.
      On the clips I have been able to see at no point does she say any of the statues should be removed or there is anything wrong with them, or has anything bad to say about St Damien: she us simply asking where all the non-white people and women are amongst all the white men.

      1. And this is a valid point, from her point of view. I do not assume any personal hatred towards Fr. Damien on AOC’s part.

        Statues are representative of a particular culture, and almost always show history from the point of view of the conqueror/the dominant party. This is even true for the statues of the Confederacy, which was defeated, but certainly managed to impose it legacy on the south after the war.

        Damascus has an equestrian statue of Saladin, Cordoba turned the Mosque into a cathedral and recently Turkey changed the status of the Hagia Sophia back into a mosque, and of course statues of men are almost universally more common than those of women.

        I can imagine that with time, due to the change of cultural norms, migration etc. this ratio will change, but in the end this is simply a substitution of one set of dominant norms by another. I am pretty sure that this is what some object to.

      2. It is not so odd, Iain. When the white man came to Hawaii, they brought with them diseases form which Hawaiian said absolutely no immunity. By 1880, roughly 100 years after contact, about 80% of native hawaiians were dead. Leprosy was one of the things that Hawaiians seemed especially prone to. No one was interested in helping them. Not the white people who are stealing the islands, not the hawaiians who had been trained by white people to think of leprosy is a curse. The vast majority of those getting leprosy were either hawaiian or Chinese, And nobody cared, except for father Damien.

        That is why his statue is there.

  3. I was saddened to see the MAGA cultists go after Archbishop Barron for his praise of John Lewis. Lewis was always there when we needed him whether it was or choice or same sex marriage. I’ll never forget his impassioned speech when the Christianists were trying to prevent Terry Schiavo from having a peaceful death

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