It’s the End of the Week and I’m Tired

I wrote some big fat essays this week, plus I have galleys for my book that I need to go over. This book, I mean:

Consequently, Imma finish out the week simply pointing out that the quintessence of Qatholic and Qhristian morality is this: pretending to say that abortion is the single non-negotiable issue everybody has to focus on while in fact using all one’s time and energy defending treason:

Trump Appears to Defend Russia Arming the Taliban Against U.S. Troops

President Donald Trump appeared to excuse Russia providing weapons to the Taliban, saying that the United States once did the same thing. In an interview with Axios on HBO, Trump dismissed intelligence that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops—and then went on to cast doubt on claims that Russia supplies arms to the insurgents. 

defending euthanasia of the lebensunwertes leben:

Conservative think tank leader says schools should reopen since most Texans dying from COVID-19 are elderly or Hispanic

Vance Ginn, the chief economist for the Texas Public Policy Foundation, is facing fierce backlash for a recent racist tweet that said schools should open since most of the people dying from coronavirus in Texas are elderly or Hispanic.

pretending this lying adulterous barracuda who happens to be dating Fredo is “devout”:



and defending insane quackery:

It does not have to be that way, of course. There remain Catholics and Christians with a consistent ethic of life who have not prostrated themselves to this dimestore antichrist’s kaleidoscope of lies.

Look to them, not Trump’s filthy cult of blood, power, and money:


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  1. Speaking of your book, have you heard of Because that seems like a place that I sure would like to buy your book from, thereby supporting both you and independent bookstores but also not supporting the Amazon empire. Also they have an affiliate program. Just saying.

    A search for “Mark P Shea” currently shows four of your works, including This Is My Body: An Evangelical Discovers the Real Presence alongside timeless classics from other authors, including Naomi Kleinberg and Christopher Morony’s P is for Potty. I, uh, think the search algorithm could use some work.

  2. Mark, what is the best way for you and the book’s marketing to buy it. Directly from you? Should I ask my local bookstore (which I love, Vromans in Pasadena) to order it and get it from them. Should I pre-order from Jeff Bezos?

    1. I will have copies for sale on this site as soon as the book comes out. You can get them, signed, directly from me and that way I get the money rather than a nickel from Amazon. However, if you want to go Kindle, I will also set up a link so you can buy through my Associates program. Thanks for your interest in my work!

      1. Sounds good. Will I be able to buy it from this site and have it sent to belgium?

  3. Looks like the sixth and the night commandment aren’t going to figure prominently in the ”Republican Guide for Faithful Catholics 2020”.

      1. “The night commandment” sounds like a cool name for a graphic novel or a TV miniseries or something.

    1. I’m swinging for the bleachers with this one. I hope it gets a broad audience and gets read beyond the Catholic bubble, as well as widely within that Bubble.

      1. Okay for a minute there I thought you said “gets read beyond the Catholic BIBLE” That would be a tremendous accomplishment indeed…

      2. I hope so as well; maybe some of your detractors will finally get it through their head that when you’re advocating for things like fair wages and the like, you’re not being a “leftist”, you’re just being a Catholic.

        Actually, it would also be refreshing to hear so called “leftists” get accused more often of trying to appropriate and imitate Catholicism instead of trying to destroy it. But as stings stand now, many Catholics seem to be unable to recognize an ideology that mirrors aspects their own, even when its staring them in the face.

  4. I would add this to the recent news of Trump administration’s mishaps:

    Basically, they had being working on a large-scale national testing plan, but it was scrapped for political reasons: since at the time it was mainly blue states that were being affected, they figured letting the virus rip and blaming Democratic leaders for it would benefit them politically.

    This goes beyond simple ignorance, indifference and incompetence; this is outright intentional and deliberate malevolence. People have gone to jail for things like this. However, since its the Trump administration and the bar is so low, they will probably get a pass. Its just one more thing to add to the list.

    It also goes to show that they’re perfectly willing to kill their own supporters as long as they think it might benefit them in some way, after all, if there is a segment of the population that’s going to be particularly vulnerable, its going to be those who’ve been told the whole thing is a hoax and have been convinced to disregard any safety procedures.

    What’s pathetic about this is that they could’ve achieved their goal by simply doing the right thing. Had they done so, Trump would probably have this upcoming election in the bag, but I guess that would basically require for Trump not to be Trump.

    But really, this is all par the course for the Republican Party; after all, we’re talking about the party that that was willing to block the ACA Medicaid expansion to their states, dooming thousands of their own constituents to die as a result, just so they could avoid giving any political credit to Obama and the Democrats.

    At this point, its just sociopathic. I guess you would call it demonic. If these are who the right-wingers consider to by “godly”, it makes you wonder what they think about God.

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