Fascinating Discussion…

… among some good-hearted Evangelicals grappling with the emergence of the post-Christian white fertility cult that is the majority of Evangelicalism (and about half of the Catholic communion in the US).

I think the Spirit is at work in this conversation. The lack of interest in, you know, Jesus and his gospel in this fertility cult is fascinating to me. I think that they have their finger on that.

Not, understand, that I think Catholic Christianity in any way immune from this subtle replacement of the gospel with a pagan fertility cult of blood and soil. Similar sociological (and, I think, demonic) forces are at work in my own communion, especially here in the US. The vulnerability of conservative Christians–Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox–to fascist fertility cults is where the gospel preaching on the priority of the Kingdom over mere blood kinship is essential. It’s like carbon monoxide. Conservative fertility cultists glom on to blood and soil ideology instead of the gospel as hemoglobin gloms on to CO instead of O2. They can’t tell the difference between it and “defense of family values” and are acutely prone to forgetting the gospel in favor of this fertility cult tribalism (and a blood and iron cult of law to enforce it on everybody in place of grace).


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