In Appreciation of Quiet Catholics Who Keep the World Turning

The older I get, the more I love the millions and millions and millions of quiet, little out-of-the-way Catholics nobody has ever heard of who keep the world sane and spinning on its axis without applause from anybody but Jesus. There are and have to be some big public Catholics of course. And some of them even good ones. But the last people on earth I trust these days are Celebrity Catholics, particularly when they are Celebrities among the people with the absolute worst judgment on the face of the earth: self-proclaimed Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM] who see it as their mission to kick everyone–including the Pope–out of the Church while exalting every visible-from-space quack, crank, con man, and fraud in the world.

A soul can find great solace in these quiet, humble, ordinary disciples of Jesus down through the ages. The Cult of MAGA Celebrity kills everything it touches.


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