Is the European Union Worth It or Should We End It?


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  1. “We” as in Americans don’t get a say on whether to “end” the EU, any more than EU citizens get to vote in US elections.

  2. The EU is overstepping its treaties and is setting up new treaties which are no longer up to popular vote when the country is already participating in the EU. So the EU that a country has joined 10, 20, or 30 years ago, is not the same EU as it is now.
    Additionally, there’s the EU commission which is not elected in a democratic manner, has no checks and balances and there is no mechanism by which to overturn their decisions.
    And the worst bit is that despite the treaties, EU law trumps local law, even when it was clearly stated it would not be the case. EU member states can just tear up their constitutions, they no longer apply if they’re not aligned with EU code (again, even when the constitution had to be aligned with EU requirements prior to joining and no requirement for change occurred since then, some constitutional rights and duties no longer apply in the EU and the EU may require changes that go against the constitution.

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