A Follow-up on Pope Donald’s Excommunication Bull Against Biden

On Friday, I was feeling a bit whimsical and so chose to make light of Trump’s attempt to read Biden out of the Christian fold by turning it to a discussion of Patripassianism. Of course, I no more think Trump guilty of a conscious heresy there than I think my granddaughter guilty of vandalism when […]

Mistakes vs. Sin, Teachable Moments vs. Culture War

People often said dumb things to Jesus. Sometimes it was strangers, demanding dumb stuff like “Tell my brother to share the inheritance with me”. Sometimes it was disciples, asking whether now would be a good time to call down lightning on some enemies. Indeed, Jesus’ disciples were often amazingly dumb, driving mothers and kids away […]

It’s the End of the Week and I’m Tired

I wrote some big fat essays this week, plus I have galleys for my book that I need to go over. This book, I mean: Consequently, Imma finish out the week simply pointing out that the quintessence of Qatholic and Qhristian morality is this: pretending to say that abortion is the single non-negotiable issue everybody […]

A final bit on Qatholicism and Qhristianity

Yesterday we noted that Qatholic and Qhristian belief, devoted to the word of Trump, not to truth, has a magical and ever-shifting view of reality. So, for instance, if Trump declares COVID to be a hoax, then hoax it is for Qhristians and Qatholics, until it suddenly is not: In the same way, Qatholics and […]

A Bit More on Qatholicism and Qhristianity

I mentioned yesterday that the Catholic Church is not a denomination but that the term is something more like a redundancy, biblically speaking. Paul says There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and […]